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We are confident in the data and analytics we use to keep the public safe.

Katie Bower
Assistant Division Director
Michigan State Police
Criminal Justice Information Center

Michigan State Police improves visibility into crime statistics

The Challenge

How do you enable more than 1,000 law enforcement professionals to gather and analyze crime and accident information from the many disparate sources it uses?

The Solution

Deploy an analytic dashboard that allows users to monitor trooper activity, crime rates, traffic accidents, and much more.

The Success

Now, everyone has an instant snapshot of law enforcement activity so they can adjust resources, track metrics, and improve outcomes.

The Story
Looking for a better approach to delivering action-oriented data and analytics to more people?

Fighting crime and protecting constituents requires everyone – top to bottom – to be on the same analytical page. For Michigan State Police, that meant giving its staff a faster, easier, more consistent way to gather and analyze information from many sources.

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