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Our data visualizations and alerts help us to fight against the underground economy.

Manuel Carbajo
Technical Advisor
Labor and Social Security Oversight
Office of Spain

Labor and Social Security Oversight Office of Spain Improves Case Settlement With Analytics

The Challenge

How can LSSOO's 1,600 employees investigate and settle labor, taxation, and fraud issues when information is scattered and reports take days to create?

The Solution

Implement a cohesive business intelligence (BI) platform for data integration and analytics - with alert-driven dashboards and data visualization.

The Success

Users have instant insight into economic activity. They can break down data by province, topic, or company, and drill down into cases.

The Story
Looking to bring your entire enterprise into the new analytical era?

Business intelligence has helped LSSOO to improve the way it deals with its data. Employees can now visualize and drill down into data via dashboards and scorecards, so they can better manage and settle cases. That's just one way organizations are having success in the new analytical era.

In this white paper, you'll see how any organization can find success in the new era of analytics by giving everyone access to data, information, and insight. This helps every decision-maker in the enterprise make the right choices for your business.

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