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Our employees rely on WebFOCUS for mission-critical analytics.

Joe Beydoun
Director of Supply Chain and Business Intelligence Strategy
Lipari Foods

Lipari Foods Stays Fresh and Competitive With Real-Time Reporting

The Challenge

Lipari’s enterprise reporting process relied on the IT department to produce thousands of unique one-off reports, but users wanted a self-service environment that would let non-technical users access, sort, and visualize transactional data.

The Solution

So, the organization created an enterprise-ready reporting system for both employees and customers, delivering real-time updates, scheduled reports, and an analytics dashboard that works across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

The Success

Sales and operations teams can now easily access real-time data, and use self-service dashboards to consolidate reporting. Users are able to monitor trends and review transactions from any device or location, enabling Lipari to maintain a lean inventory model.

The Story
Looking for ways to get more analytics to more people?

To give employees and customers better access to transactional data, Lipari created a reporting environment suitable for many types of users. Lipari has driven adoption of analytics solutions as interactive reports, mobile and tablet dashboards, and real-time access catered to users’ critical needs.

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