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Stephanie Dennon
Financial Systems Analyst
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Fred Hutchinson extends self-service analytics across the enterprise

The Challenge

When an aging reporting system keeps staff from obtaining the day-to-day insights they need to move the business forward, what do you do?

The Solution

Deploy user-friendly analytics with InfoApps™ to streamline access to operational and financial information, and extend self-service reporting.

The Success

The organization can more easily monitor budgets and maximize grants with financial metrics presented through interactive graphs.

The Story
Looking for ways to improve the way you visualize and interact with data?

When financial officers at a non-profit, world-leading cancer research organization can’t access financial data and insight in a timely fashion, it’s time for a change. Fred Hutchinson changed by deploying a user-friendly platform that extends self-service analytics across the entire enterprise. Your organization can operationalize insights too.

To learn how, download “The New Generation of Self-Service BI,” a white paper by industry expert Rick F. van der Lans. You'll see a new approach to self-service BI and analytics that empowers all users, not just analysts and executives.

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