I Know…

Our customers and partners have rich analytics to fine-tune their business.

Brian Baird
WebFOCUS Development Manager
BGL Group

BGL Group improves delivery of management information to partners and customers with WebFOCUS, iWay

The Challenge

How do you enable partners to easily and securely access customer information that was locked in legacy systems behind a firewall?

The Solution

Provide them with an InfoApp™ that combines data from CRM, geospatial, and Google Maps apps into partner-specific portals, dashboards, and reports.

The Success

With InfoApps™, customer relationships are stronger, service levels are higher, and the company’s self-service BI strategy is more cohesive.

The Story
Looking for new ways to serve your customers in the new analytical era?

BGL Group gives its customers, partners, and other stakeholders a highly interactive analytical experience. They know superior self-service can keep their competitors away.

If you are evaluating approaches to self-service analytics, check out this white paper by industry expert Rick F. van der Lans. You’ll get an in-depth guide to empowering all users - not just analysts and executives - with content-rich analytics and insight.