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Juan Alfonso Hernández Rodríguez
Chief Operating Officer of Information Management
Banco Interacciones

Banco Interacciones Transitions to First-Tier Financial Powerhouse With Analytics

The Challenge

How do you soothe data management growing pains when a small lending institution morphs into a first-tier powerhouse?

The Solution

With a business intelligence (BI) portal that updates automatically as new data becomes available. Reports and dashboards always reflect the latest results.

The Success

Management can drill into financial and operational activities. The commercial department meets weekly performance goals with interactive views of data.

The Story
Looking for new ways to derive more value from your data?

With BI, Banco Interacciones is able to do more with its data, thanks to a cohesive BI portal that automatically updates as new info becomes available. Decsions are now based on the most recent information and insight. That's just one way organizations are finding success in the new analytical era.

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