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Thousands of users rely on our WebFOCUS decision-making platform.

Tim Brynda
Software Engineering Consultant
Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware retools analytics environment for entire user base.

The Challenge

How do you extend real-time information to 6,000 people at 4,600 locations to keep a global supply chain running smoothly?

The Solution

Use WebFOCUS to generate self-service analytics to satisfy business users, customers, partners, and suppliers.

The Success

Management dashboards help Ace's diverse user community to forecast production needs, monitor inventory, and identify high-margin products.

The Story
Looking for ways to get more analytics to more people?

Every decision-maker needs access to analytics and insight – whether it's thousands of users, like Ace Hardware, or just 10. Ace used WebFOCUS to extend self-service analytics to everyone - from staff to customers to partners and suppliers.

That's what the new generation of self-service business intelligence and analytics is all about - empowering all users, not just analysts and executives. Find out how in this white paper by industry expert Rick F. van der Lans.

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