The Extended Enterprise

A true enterprise reporting and BI solution can deliver information from any corporate data source to users both within and outside the corporate firewall. 

The term "extended enterprise" represents the concept that a company is made up not just of its employees, its board members, and executives, but also its business partners, its suppliers, and even its customers. The extended enterprise can only be successful if all of the component groups and individuals have the information they need in order to do business effectively.

Extended enterprise applications, or applications that span company boundaries, include a web of relationships between a company and its employees, managers, partners, customers, suppliers, and markets. You need to know your suppliers' stock conditions in real-time. Your customers and partners need to know about your latest products or services as soon as they're available. Your board and CEO need to have the latest financial information at their fingertips in order to make appropriate decisions about the company's future. The extended enterprise is an intricate, interconnected network of information, and you need true enterprise-strength solutions to tie all these together.

Information Builders helps its customers turn data into business intelligence by delivering real-time information to the extended enterprise. Thousands of customers and partners all over the world, including most of the Fortune 100, all major government agencies, and many educational institutions, use Information Builders software and services to turn data into business intelligence that helps their customers, citizens, employees, managers, and business partners make better decisions in critical operations.