Summit 2016: Complementary Solutions

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Design Thinking Approach to BI

Chris Murphy, DMI Big Data Insights, LLC
Jeff Hendrickson, Information Builders
Tech Level: Summit Tech Level Intermediate
Wednesday 9:45AM - 10:45AM
In our rapidly changing, mobile-enabled world, a good user experience is key to driving the use and adoption of WebFOCUS. An effective and actionable data visualization application must be developed around the end-user's specific needs. To move beyond traditional predefined reporting, to value added insights through analytics, organizations need to provide gradual-level data analysis to end users in a meaningful way. Design thinking as an approach puts the focus on research, definition, ideation, prototyping, and test-and-learn processes. In this session, we will discuss the mindset and methodology of a design-centric approach, show roadmaps from joint customer engagements, and bring these components together into an adoptive, visually appealing, and highly effective BI application.

Dynamic Dashboards With Embedded Analytics

Gene Peters, Ros Technology Services
Patrick Bobrukiewicz, Ros Technology Services
Tech Level: Summit Tech Level Intermediate
Wednesday 8:30AM - 9:30AM
Rosnet, a leading SaaS provider for the restaurant industry, will demonstrate how WebFOCUS 8 was embedded into its service offering. You'll see how Rosnet's clients can configure and push dashboards to users and how more than 15,000 users can configure their own parameterized dashboards. The dashboards are designed using a responsive web design framework, making them suitable for any hardware form factor. Also demonstrated will be how Rosnet was able to bring analytics to every user level within an organization.

Hadoop 101 for BI Professionals

Dan Wilson, Cloudera
Tech Level: Summit Tech Level Intermediate
Monday 3:15PM - 4:15PM
The Hadoop ecosystem continues to evolve extremely quickly, and can appear a daunting to integrate into existing BI tools. However, Cloudera and other companies have made key investments in enterprise-grade capabilities and SQL-on-Hadoop technologies that now make Hadoop a much simpler platform for BI professionals to understand and integrate into their platforms. Join us and learn: how familiar BI and data warehouse concepts easily apply to the modern enterprise Hadoop stack, how to leverage existing investments in Information Builders technologies to optimize your existing workflows and offer additional new forms of integrated analysis, how your peers are leveraging Information Builders and Hadoop technologies to deliver a new generation of analytical applications, the most important up-and-coming Hadoop innovations that analytics professionals should be aware of, such as Kudu and more.

Proof to Production: iWay and WebFOCUS Lessons Learned

Michael Mueller, Sila Solutions Group
Tech Level: Summit Tech Level non-technical
Wednesday 11:00AM - 12:00PM
This session will cover lessons learned when moving an iWay and WebFOCUS proof-of-concept to production. The presentation will examine applicability on future projects, how to establish a repeatable and scalable data quality methodology, developing a data quality management scorecard, and establishing the building blocks of a master data management solution.

Rapid Delivery of Regulatory Compliance Solutions Using Omni-Gen

Curtis Spear, Cloud Square, Inc
Tech Level: Summit Tech Level Intermediate
Monday 4:30PM - 5:30PM
Hear how Cloud Square help's organizations rapidly deliver regulatory compliance solutions to business users using Information Builders' Omni-Gen and WebFOCUS platforms. This session will review an agile deployment methodology, common industry challenges, and discuss the role data governance and data quality play in regulatory compliance. We will also demonstrate a customer solution.

Snipe: BusinessObjects to WebFOCUS Transformation Accelerator

Satheesh Kumar Balan, Wipro Technologies
Sachin Bhamare, Xerox
Tech Level: Summit Tech Level Intermediate | Prerequisite: Knowledge of BI, BI Vendors, components of SAP BusinessObjects, and WebFOCUS.
Monday 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Organizations are realigning their business strategies for better decision-making and to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by adapting to new BI solutions/technology. With the experience of multiple DWH, BI transformation solutions implementation, Wipro has created Snipe, a technology transformation framework to accelerate the BI platform migration. The BI transformation solutions built on this framework are cost-effective, agile, provide insight for Report Rationalization, and reduce transformation timelines. Attend this session to learn about the BusinessObjects to WebFOCUS Transformation solution built on Snipe Framework for Xerox and why Xerox chose Wipro as its partner as it moved to WebFOCUS.