EDA SNAPpacks - Data Access, Migration, and Reporting for ERP (Baan, JDEC, PSFT, SAP)


SNAPpack Complementary Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Data Access, Migration, and Reporting

SNAPpacks allow users of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to integrate their SAP, PeopleSoft, Baan, or JD Edwards packages with more than 80 different data sources for consolidated reporting, Web access, and data migration. Built on the enterprise data access (EDA) middleware foundation, SNAPpack Data Migrator and SNAPpack Power Reporter provide innovative, complementary technology solutions that leverage ERP investments to meet the changing business demands of enterprises worldwide. These solutions are equally valuable for medium-sized companies that use these ERP packages.

But what about integrating and consolidating your ERP applications with the rest of your enterprise? An EDA foundation is the key.

EDA Family

EDA Enterprise Integration Middleware provides integration to virtually any database or application on all industry-standard computer platforms. The EDA family of data access and integration middleware includes:

EDA Client and Universal Integration Suite. A suite of data access APIs and integration components (middleware) available across a broad range of platforms. With the EDA Client and Universal Integration Suite, a broad range of technologies such as ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, COM, and XML can be leveraged for enterprise integration.

EDA Server. A comprehensive data access and enterprise integration middleware hub is the foundation for enabling data access and enterprise integration for corporate assets across all industry-leading platforms – all through a single common middleware technology.

The EDA Server middleware supports more than 80 different data sources on 25 different platforms/operating systems. The data drivers include relational and heterogeneous data sources such as SQL Server, DB2, SYSTEM 2000, SUPRA, VSAM, IMS, RDB, RMS, CA-IDMS, CA-IDMS/R, CA-Datacom/DB, Ingres, Informix, FOCUS, Oracle, ISAM, VSAM, Sybase, ADABAS, ALLBASE, MODEL 204, Teradata, MUMPS, and many others. Additionally, the EDA Server enables enterprise integration with ERP systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Baan; transaction systems such as IMS or CICS; and messaging systems such as MQSeries.

Do you need a product that seamlessly integrates your ERP packages with the rest of your enterprise infrastructure? Look no further than ERP for EDA: SNAPpack for ERP from Information Builders.

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