Enterprise Reporting

A true enterprise reporting solution delivers information to all who need it, not just executives and analysts.

Enterprise reporting is a popular business intelligence (BI) discipline that extends reporting and analysis capabilities beyond the scope of IT staff, business analysts, and power users. With enterprise reporting, anyone who impacts a business - executives, managers, analysts, and frontline workers  - have immediate access to the vital information they need to most productively perform their jobs. Many companies have even extended their enterprise reporting environments outside their firewall, to enable customers, suppliers, and other external business partners to access and analyze critical information.

An enterprise reporting initiative is a huge undertaking, because different user groups need different information in different formats. Therefore, the business intelligence platform chosen to facilitate enterprise reporting must be able to scale to a large number of users without impacting performance, and offer a wide array of capabilities - ad hoc reporting, dynamic distribution of reports and other BI content, financial reporting, and flexible output formatting - to support the broadest range of strategic, operational, and analytical reporting needs.

When selecting an enterprise reporting platform, organizations should look for the following features and functionality:

  • Broad data access, so any information in any source, including real-time transactional systems, relational data warehouses, cubes, and any ERP or legacy application, can be leveraged to support decision-making activities
  • Unparalleled scalability, so the environment can be rolled out to hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of users
  • Maximum usability, so even non-technical business users can easily retrieve and interact with enterprise data, without extensive training
  • Flexible access, so users can view information via their device of choice - PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet

The WebFOCUS business intelligence platform from Information Builders is a powerful enterprise reporting solution that allows organizations to leverage any data asset, transform it into useful information, and deliver it in an actionable format to a large, distributed base of users. Built on a robust architecture, WebFOCUS boasts industry leading scalability, combined with innovative features - for example, self-optimizing servers complete with load balancing - to dramatically reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) while ensuring peak performance at all times.

WebFOCUS is also powerful and feature-rich. It offers capabilities to address virtually any reporting and analysis need, such as a BI Portal for content management and distribution, guided ad hoc, dynamic distribution of reports and dashboards, financial reporting, and the ability to generate reports in countless formats - HTML, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Active Technology reports, for interacting with data, even while disconnected.