Enterprise Data Quality

A good enterprise data quality solution can detect data quality issues before they impact production systems.

Enterprise data quality is a critical, yet elusive goal for many organizations today. In order to ensure enterprise data quality, companies must develop comprehensive rules, policies, and procedures to eliminate errors, mistakes, duplication, and inconsistencies in their back-end systems and sources. They must also implement cutting-edge technology tools to facilitate the ongoing execution and enforcement of those guidelines. Companies of all sizes, across all industries, are struggling to achieve and maintain enterprise data quality.

Lack of an effective enterprise data quality program can have a tremendous negative impact across a business. One single piece of invalid or "dirty" data can create countless problems, wreaking havoc as it flows during the course of business processes, permeating many different information sources. For example, an incorrect client address in a CRM application can waste significant amounts of time and money, affecting everything from order delivery and invoicing, to customer support, field service, and marketing and promotions. Or, a missing part number in a materials management system can hinder the efficiency of purchasing and procurement activities, and eat away at sales and profits by slowing down manufacturing processes.

People also play an important role in an enterprise data quality initiative. Because it is a widespread and ongoing effort, a successful enterprise data quality strategy absolutely must have sponsorship and support at the executive level. IT staff, as well as the business people who actually consume and use the data in question, must also be very closely involved throughout the process. Additionally, data stewards must also be designated, so those who will be held accountable for preserving data integrity are fully aware of their responsibilities.

But perhaps the most important component of an enterprise data quality initiative is the technology tools that drive the strategy forward. The right solution will offer a wide array of capabilities - from data profiling, validation, and cleansing through enrichment and data governance - to make information as timely and trusted as possible. The solution must also have broad information reach, with the ability to uncover and rectify invalid or incorrect information in any system, database, application, document, or message. It's also extremely useful to address the issue of enterprise data quality in real-time - preventing bad data from ever entering your corporate information systems. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  

Only Information Builders provides the extensive and broad-reaching data quality management capabilities that organizations need to take a proactive approach to achieving and preserving company-wide data integrity. Unlike other data quality solutions, which simply find and correct dirty information, Information Builders Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition helps companies leverage powerful data integration and cleansing technologies to ensure data accessibility, consistency, accuracy, and timeliness.

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