Decision Support Systems – DSS (definition)

A well-designed Decision Support System should include all of the information necessary in order to make accurate decisions.

Decision Support Systems (DSS) are a specific class of computerized information system that supports business and organizational decision-making activities. A properly designed Decision Support System is an interactive software-based system intended to help decision makers compile useful information from raw data, documents, personal knowledge, and/or business models to identify and solve problems and make decisions.

Typical information that a decision support application might gather and present would be:

  • Accessing all of your current information assets, including legacy and relational data sources, cubes, data warehouses, and data marts
  • Comparative sales figures between one week and the next
  • Projected revenue figures based on new product sales assumptions
  • The consequences of different decision alternatives, given past experience in a context that is described

Information Builders' WebFOCUS reporting software is ideally suited for building decision support systems due to its wide reach of data, interactive facilities, ad hoc reporting capabilities, quick development times, and simple Web-based deployment.

Information Builders and iWay Software Professional Services specialize in building custom-tailored Web decision support systems. We offer service packages designed for quick implementations, and we use the latest technologies to incorporate leading-edge capabilities into our solutions – including a wide range of wireless and mobile options.

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