Data Visualization

WebFOCUS Visual Discovery allows analysts and business users to identify trends visually and make better decisions.

Data Visualization – related in many ways to data discovery - is a phrase used to describe a set of software solutions that present enterprise information through a variety of sophisticated graphical formats. By organizing and displaying information in easy-to-read charts, maps, plots, and graphs, data visualization solutions can help business users to more rapidly identify patterns and trends, detect anomalies, and uncover relationships. Data visualization is an important component of many business analytics platforms and suites.

In the past, analysts and statisticians were needed to make sense of intricate data values or large volumes of information. With data visualization, business users are empowered with the same kind of insight, without the need to learn complicated OLAP tools, understand complex statistical formulas, or build data models. Once information has been depicted in a rich, engaging, and visually compelling way, it can be easily incorporated into dashboards, portals, and scorecards, or used in performance management environments to more intuitively present metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). In some cases, users will have the ability to drill down from their data visualization into more detailed data, to explore what's behind their discoveries.

There are countless benefits that can be realized through the use of data visualization. When information is presented in a way that is easier to decipher and interpret, planning and decision-making becomes more efficient and effective. Functional users are far more productive, because they no longer need to rely on analysts to help them detect the critical factors that drive the business forward.

WebFOCUS Visual Discovery is an innovative in-memory analytics solution that delivers cutting-edge data visualization capabilities. Part of Information Builders' market-leading business analytics suite, Visual Discovery enables deep, intuitive analysis of any enterprise data in real time. Users can leverage state-of-the-art graphical representations of multi-dimensional information - such as 3D bar and pie charts, histograms, data constellations, scatter plots, and multiscapes - to make faster, more precise measurements, comparisons, and observations. Data-driven dynamic conditional styling and stop-lighting, combined with features such as selecting, zooming, pivoting, and re-sorting, allow visualizations to be changed instantly on the fly, to further enhance insight.

WebFOCUS Visual Discovery provides:

  • Rich, interactive visualizations that users can access on their device of choice, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • The ability to access any data, regardless of its source or location, and display it via advanced visuals
  • Robust analytical capabilities through a wide array of graphics and visualizations
  • Compelling and engaging images, including paraboxes, histograms, timetables, and more

Find out more about data visualization and effective dashboard design in our complimentary white paper: