Data Quality Management (DQM)

The iWay Data Steward Portal enables data quality management throughout your enterprise.

Data quality management (DQM) is a critical business discipline that requires a combination of guidelines, processes, and technologies to preserve the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and consistency of enterprise information. Companies that embark on a data quality management initiative should include data profiling, data cleansing, master data management, and data governance as part of their strategy, and assign data "owners" who are fully accountable for enforcing data quality procedures and rules.

As information infrastructures become more sophisticated, and as the volume of data the average organization generates and maintains continues to expand rapidly, data quality management has become increasingly important. CIOs and business executives alike have ranked data quality management at the top of their priority list. Businesses seeking to exploit their enterprise information for competitive advantage must implement a broad-reaching data quality management program, supported by the right tools and technologies, in order to maintain full control over the integrity of information across all applications, systems, databases, messages, and documents.

There are many data quality management solutions on the market today, each designed to uncover and correct the invalid or corrupt information that is hiding within enterprise sources.  Although much of this "dirty" data is caused by errors that occur during manual data entry processes, today's age of automation - where organizations dynamically share information with and collect information from countless third party systems - is adding to the problem. New, unstructured sources of information like social media sites further exacerbate the issue, making the need for data quality management more urgent than ever before.

To address these needs, Information Builders offers a powerful, comprehensive environment for effectively monitoring, managing, and controlling information assets enterprise-wide. The iWay Omni-Gen Data Management Platform includes robust, innovative capabilities through one of its components, the Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition. The Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition is packed with features designed to optimize the integrity of any enterprise information, regardless of its source, location, or format.

What makes the Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition truly unique is its ability to act as a real-time data quality firewall.  Omni-Gen does more than just locate and rectify bad data, it proactively protects systems by stopping bad data from entering the environment in the first place. Other key features include data profiling (iWay Data Profiler), data cleansing, data enrichment, and data governance (iWay Data Steward Portal). Complementary solutions for master data management (Omni-Gen  Master Data Edition) and data integration further extend data quality programs by optimizing the management of all assets across the enterprise.