Data Integrity

The iWay Data Steward portal enables real-time data integrity.

Data integrity solutions are powerful computer software applications that help organizations to significantly improve the completeness and correctness of their enterprise data. Data integrity solutions eliminate such problems as redundancies and duplications, lack of consistency and standardization between systems housing similar or shared information, and missing or incomplete data. Data quality management, data governance, master data management, and data profiling tools are all included in the data integrity solutions category.

Data integrity - or a lack thereof - poses a major problem for many businesses today, and is a growing concern among IT and business executives alike. An inability to control and manage data integrity, due to the rising volume of information generated and stored in diverse and disparate sources, makes it difficult for companies to successfully derive value from their enterprise information assets. As a result, they struggle to stay competitive, remain profitable, and meet evolving customer demands. A data integrity solution, on the other hand, can help them to overcome these challenges by ensuring the reliability, accuracy, and timeliness of critical information.

Companies who have already implemented policies, procedures, and supporting technology solutions to optimize data integrity have realized tremendous benefits, including increased operational efficiency, improved planning and decision making, and higher levels of business performance. But, for those companies who are just embarking on such an initiative, it is important to note that information integrity is not a stand-alone project. In order to be successful, and to completely eliminate invalid or corrupt data from the environment, it must involve the continuous enforcement and refinement of related rules and guidelines, as well as the ongoing monitoring and assessment of data to ensure peak quality at all times.

iWay integrity solutions from Information Builders - part of the iWay Omni-Gen Data Management Platform - deliver a wide array of innovative features and capabilities designed to meet virtually any information integrity need. They provide organizations with comprehensive, real-time management of any information, no matter where it resides or what format it is in. With iWay integrity solutions, companies can seamlessly cleanse, validate, and optimize their enterprise data, to ensure a consistent, timely, and accurate view from each and every interaction point.

Our comprehensive portfolio of integrity offerings includes: