Data Governance

Omni Governance Console is part of Omni-Gen, the data integration, governance, and mastering platform.

Data governance is an important business discipline that aims to provide greater control over the creation, handling, maintenance, storage, use, and sharing of vital business information. A critical element of any effective data quality management or information asset management strategy, data governance is more than just a software solution. It requires a combination of people, rules and procedures, and supporting technologies in order to succeed.

To facilitate broad-reaching data governance across the enterprise, many organizations assign data stewards to oversee their information management efforts. These data stewards are often held fully accountable for defining, implementing, and enforcing the standards and policies that will ensure the ongoing quality of information across all systems and sources. Companies who have successful data governance strategies in place typically benefit from improved accessibility, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and usability of enterprise information assets.

Although data governance plans are important to organizations of all types and sizes, it becomes particularly crucial as the amount of data generated - and the number of sources it originates from and resides in - grows. Companies that have "big data" have an even greater need to put formalized data governance programs in place, and to deploy powerful yet flexible technologies to support those strategies. With data governance, they can maintain the integrity of the massive volume of information that exists across their diverse network of systems.

The Omni Governance Console from Information Builders - part of the Omni-Gen information management platform - lets business users view, monitor, compare, and report on mission-critical data; identify and rectify faulty information; and create a complete, historical web-based view of mastered golden records. Data quality issues can also be optimized through a business-friendly interface in batch or real time, with easily identifiable record-data origination and audit.

The Omni Governance Console helps companies to take a more proactive approach to data integrity by offering a complete, unhindered view of data quality issues at all times. It instantly notifies data stewards and other stakeholders when potential quality problems arise, before they make their way into corporate data stores. It can also route certain types of issues to specific individuals based on pre-defined criteria, to ensure proper handling and resolution.

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