Data and Application Adapters – Legacy, ERP, Relational, and Nonrelational

The iWay Universal Adapter Framework supports integration of virtually any data source or application.

Data and application adapters (also known as data interfaces, or data drivers) are native software objects that allow integration tools to retrieve data efficiently from complex, sometimes proprietary stores of information. Most EAI companies provide weak adapters that require significant amounts of custom code, and are not usable through common interfaces. The best adapters efficiently convert data or application requests into the native language of the data without requiring custom code, and are reusable through ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC, JCA, Web services, and the like.

iWay Data adapters efficiently extract information from sources such as VSAM, Adabas, DB2, IMS, Sybase, NOMAD, RMS, and Oracle and return optimized answer sets to the requesting program or language via iWay connectors. iWay Application Adapters provide the same information access services for packaged applications such as SAP and PeopleSoft, transaction environments such as CICS and IMS/TM, and EDI systems such as FIX, HL7 and SWIFT.

All iWay adapters use a common adapter suite that provides robust functionality, minimizes the skill sets required for use of each database, and reduces the requirement for database administrators to support new projects.

After you retrieve the information, and you're ready to publish it on the web, leverage WebFOCUS – our comprehensive business intelligence platform. WebFOCUS reduces the time and cost of development and deployment of BI applications, while providing powerful, scalable, enterprise-wide business intelligence solutions. It is the only solution that enables every process involved in creating and delivering interactive, actionable information, including:

  • Accessing all of your current information assets, including legacy and relational data sources, cubes, data warehouses, and data marts
  • Providing visuals, advanced formatting, and output options such as charts, Excel spreadsheets and Pivot Tables, Adobe PDF documents, and html pages
  • Processing requests quickly, intelligently, and efficiently
  • Delivering real-time actionable information anytime, anywhere via Web, e-mail, and mobile devices to employees, managers, partners, and customers.

The combination of WebFOCUS BI suite on the front-end and iWay Software's integration technology on the back-end provides a unique, single vendor solution that that can deliver real-time information to everyone in your extended enterprise.