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I Know Who's Got Game-Changing Analytics

Terri White October 20, 2016

For more than 40 years, Information Builders has focused on helping organizations use information to become more competitive and profitable. So as a result of our work over the last several... view

Single View of Data Helps Brampton, Ontario Budget, Plan and Manage Growth

Daniel Cohen April 29, 2016
The Information technology systems supporting government operations are well known for being siloed, stand-alone and piecemeal. This is the result of the fact that government IT systems are... view

Understanding the Analytical Demands of the 21st Century Sheriff’s Office

Daniel Cohen April 05, 2016

In the public sector, government organizations at every level depend on the insight provided by sophisticated BI and analytics tools. Public safety and law enforcement are no exception. Not... view

Success in the City of Irving – A Q&A

Daniel Cohen March 17, 2016

Transparency and accountability are hallmarks of good government. Taxpayers are generally happy when they know what their elected representatives are up to, and if necessary, they can easily... view

Spotlight on Information Builders’ Customers Using #dataforgood

Kathleen Moran December 14, 2015
If you’re a Twitter user, you may have noticed a new hashtag popping up in your feed recently. #dataforgood, used to denote when data and analytics are used to benefit a broader community, is... view

Redefining Customer Service in the Public Sector

Melissa Treier November 12, 2015

We’ve all had customer service “wow” moments – times when we’re left delighted with an organization that made us feel special and heard. We’ve all also had the opposite.

In the new age of... view

Seattle Police Department Launches New Analytics Platform with Information Builders

Kevin Mergruen October 21, 2015

The use of police force has become a much publicized matter throughout the country, and police departments are struggling to find cost-effective solutions that enable them to address this critical... view

Don't Let Data Quality Ruin Your Business

Jake Freivald October 19, 2015

Last week, yet another... view

The data impact of smart metering

James Cotton April 21, 2014

Smart meters are the next generation of utility meters, giving consumers and energy companies much greater insight into electricity and gas usage.


They are primary examples of... view