Business Performance Management Software

Business Performance Management Software allows you to track corporate goals and achievements visually.

Business performance management software is an innovative and comprehensive technology application that plays a vital role in strategic planning and decision-making at many organizations today. These cutting-edge solutions bring together a wide array of advanced reporting and analysis tools into a single platform, to significantly enhance the way mission-critical business goals are defined, communicated, monitored, and achieved. With a business performance management software solution in place, organizations can promote a culture of accountability, drive higher levels of employee motivation, and improve their competitive position by allowing everyone, regardless of their level or role, to actively participate in performance measurement and improvement.

Companies that choose to implement a business performance management software package are empowered with a more efficient and effective way to define their most important objectives. Those objectives can be easily shared with stakeholders across the business. So, everyone understands what the core mission is, and what role they play in bringing it to fruition. Business performance management software can also be used to tie specific goals to the day-to-day operations that support them, so it is clear what tasks and activities will directly impact attainment.

Perhaps the most important capability provided by today's business performance management software solutions is the ability to define, build, and deploy metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Metrics and KPIs can include high-level, company-wide objectives, as well as goals for individual departments and business units. These can be used by all stakeholders to track crucial activities in real-time, so they can assess how well they're doing.

Information Builders offers the WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework (PMF), a robust and comprehensive solution that empowers organizations of all types and sizes to optimize their operations by aligning them tightly in support of corporate strategies. PMF is scalable, flexible, easy to use, and packed with out-of-the-box features. It is also easy to customize, and can be implemented in support of virtually any popular performance management methodology, such as Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecard.

Other key PMF features include:

  • Unparalleled access to any data in any source or location, to collect and consolidate enterprise information for full visibility into performance company-wide
  • Powerful security, with role-based data access privileges, to ensure that stakeholders see only the data they are authorized to view
  • Built-in audit trails to promote accountability
  • Dynamic alerts, to instantly notify stakeholders when critical conditions or event occur

The WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework can also be extended beyond corporate walls. So suppliers, vendors, and other business partners can play a more collaborative role in driving better business performance.