Business Intelligence Software

Traditionally seen on desktop computers, Business Intelligence software is becoming more common on mobile deviecs.

Business Intelligence software is a technology tool that gives organizations the ability to retrieve, consolidate, and analyze enterprise information, most often via the web, to improve planning and decision-making. The data used by a business intelligence software application can be derived from data warehouses and data marts, ERP or CRM applications, legacy systems, and a variety of other sources. Some of the more advanced business intelligence software solutions on the market today can even access data in cloud-based or social media sources, making it readily available for use in reporting and analysis.

Business intelligence software is a broad category that includes everything from ad hoc reporting and OLAP tools, to dashboards and scorecards, to more advanced solutions like predictive modeling, data visualization, and other types of business analytics. These solutions have the ability to present data to users in countless formats - tabular reports, charts, graphs, spreadsheets, etc. Additionally, many business intelligence software solutions can be accessed using mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers.

The benefits of business intelligence software are clear. Business users are freed from IT dependence, and can access and analyze information on their own. IT staff are relieved of their reporting burden, and the endless cycles of creating and customizing reports for individual users, so they can focus their efforts on more strategic technology initiatives. But, perhaps the most significant advantage business intelligence software provides is the improved decision making and enhanced business performance that are the result of faster, more convenient access to timely and complete information.

The WebFOCUS business intelligence platform from Information Builders is a robust, comprehensive solution that allows organizations to leverage their information assets more efficiently and effectively across and beyond the organization. WebFOCUS transforms how users access, interact with, and consume information for their strategic, operational, and personal needs. With WebFOCUS, everyone - from executives to front line workers - is empowered to exploit corporate data to discover new market opportunities, identify hidden behavioral trends, automate and increase the efficiency of core processes, and create value-added information services that generate revenue and loyalty among customers and business partners.

With WebFOCUS, companies can accelerate the delivery of comprehensive and intuitive reporting and analysis solutions internally and externally, and build rich, secure information systems and applications that can be deployed on site, in the cloud, on mobile devices, or as software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Its unique combination of simplified development, deep customization, robust analytic and visualization capabilities, device and platform independence, powerful security, and unmatched scalability make WebFOCUS the only platform that can deliver analytical, operational, and customer-facing business intelligence.