Business Intelligence Analytics

Dashboards and scorecards are a popular form of business intelligence analytics systems.

Business intelligence analytics is a category of technology solutions designed to streamline and enhance the collection, consolidation, exploration, and reporting of information from a variety of enterprise systems, including legacy databases, ERP and CRM applications, data marts and data warehouses, real-time operational data, and other sources. With business intelligence analytics, companies can eliminate the cumbersome work associated with manual reporting efforts and avoid the "multiple versions of the truth" that can occur when spreadsheets are the primary method used to address reporting requirements.

There are many types of business intelligence analytics available today, most designed to empower non-technical business users to manipulate and interact with data to satisfy their own information requirements, without IT intervention. For example, predictive analytics enable fast, accurate forecasting by tapping into patterns in historical data to anticipate future events and outcomes. Data visualization solutions present complex information in compelling, sophisticated graphics, to make it easier for users to uncover trends, relationships, and anomalies. And geographic intelligence, yet another kind of business intelligence analytics, displays data on intuitive maps to simplify the understanding of information with a geospatial component.

Many business intelligence analytics solutions also offer seamless access from mobile devices.  So a clear, consistent view of business data can be obtained not only from a PC or laptop, but from a smartphone or tablet as well. This is particularly important as mobile usage continues to grow at a rapid pace. Business intelligence analytics with mobile capabilities keep employees fully connected to the organization, at all times, and are a unique way to engage customers.

The advantages of using advanced business intelligence analytics solutions are endless. Companies with BI analytics in place can improve productivity, enhance collaboration, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, boost profitability, and gain a stronger competitive advantage through the ability to make faster, better decisions.

The WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) platform from Information Builders is a robust, comprehensive reporting and analysis solution that provides a wide array of advanced analytical capabilities. From predictive analytics  and data visualization, to mapping, social media analytics and a powerful yet intuitive enterprise search facility, WebFOCUS provides all the tools business users need to exploit enterprise information for competitive advantage. With WebFOCUS, business users at all levels will be freed from their dependence on IT. They will have access to a broad range of features and capabilities that will help them to analyze information from any combination of sources, to instantly identify that factors that impact business performance and operational efficiency.