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John Backhouse is the executive director of the Omni Program for Information Builders. In this role, he directs the Global Healthcare practice within the iWay division, and is responsible for driving application development for the demanding healthcare market across the globe. This includes product strategy, messaging/positioning, sales process/ education, customer/market analysis, and partnership/alliance development. With more than 15 years of broad healthcare industry operational experience, Mr. Backhouse is a senior healthcare executive with extensive experience in leading healthcare enterprise transition, including strategic planning/policy, operations, information technology, and program/product management functions. He has held numerous C-level senior executive positions in commercial and publicly funded healthcare organizations, delivering and directing healthcare consulting, including bespoke software products and solutions. His broad and deep operational and systems experience offers clients a unique comprehensive and visionary understanding of how the multiple players and stakeholders in the healthcare industry operate, interoperate, collaborate, and find success in the demanding world of healthcare. His extensive industry expertise has enabled him to build and demonstrate innovation by developing and building out new and exciting vertical products, bringing best of breed from all over the world into a comprehensive, methodical application that is Omni and Omni-Patient.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Issues To Blame for Miscommunication in Dallas Ebola Case

October 29, 2014

Patient data resides in many systems, in multiple locations, which requires adept coordination and collaboration to deliver quality healthcare. However, sometimes pertinent data slips through the...

Information Builders Receives High Praise in New Healthcare Analytics Report

March 24, 2014

Today we issued a press release on our recognition in a survey of BI professionals conducted by independent research firm KLAS. The report, “Healthcare Analytics: Making Sense of the Puzzle...