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What Is Progressive Data Management?

GDPR, Data Portability, and Data Management

Is Your Data Getting Enough TLC?

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Beth Adams | February 14, 2017

Whether it’s receiving a dozen long-stemmed roses, sharing a bottle of fine champagne, or enjoying a romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant, Valentine’s Day is all about pampering and getting pampered by the person you love most. But before you rush off to the flower stand or call the maître d’...

Agile BI Without Shadow IT

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Jake Freivald | February 10, 2017

According to a recent Forrester survey, industry leaders invest 38 percent more of their IT budgets in business intelligence (BI) than their competitors, and nearly half of these companies obtain a double-digit return on their BI investments. Clearly, large investments in business intelligence pay...

Ask the Experts Series: What is Omni-Gen?

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Dennis McLaughlin | February 07, 2017

Oftentimes, organizations try to utilize their data to take advantage of opportunities, but come up short. There are several reasons this could happen. Perhaps the data is incomplete, broken or lacks ownership. Maybe it’s duplicated across a variety of systems. With Omni-Gen, business users can tap...

Did Your Data See Its Shadow?

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Kathleen Moran | February 02, 2017

This morning, Punxsutawney Phil crept from his winter stronghold to answer the all-important question: Will winter persist? With a peek out of his nest, Phil can tell us if we’re in store for another 6 weeks of winter or if spring is in the air. The annual tradition got our team thinking – if Phil...

Ask the Experts Series: What is Multidimensional MDM?

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Dennis McLaughlin | February 01, 2017

Typically, your company’s MDM will point you toward a core domain within your organization such as a partner, customer or facility. However, oftentimes domains have more than one relationship. In fact, more often than not, you’ll likely need to gather and utilize data from many domains in order to...

How leaders develop successful MDM initiatives

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Beth Adams | January 23, 2017

Dan Power, in his article “Five essential elements of MDM” writes that you need some essential elements in order to achieve MDM success. These elements include an MDM hub, data integration software, data quality capabilities, external content for enrichment, and a data governance process. But what...