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Transparency and Accountability in Action

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Daniel Cohen | May 25, 2016

There is an old apocryphal story about Andrew Carnegie, who made his fortune founding US Steel. While making rounds in one of his steel mills he asked the day foreman how many tons had been produced that day. The foreman told him six were produced. Carnegie then took a piece of chalk and wrote a...

Show Us Your Screenshots: WebFOCUS and iWay in Action at Summit

Gerald Cohen's picture
Gerald Cohen | May 23, 2016

Summit 2016 is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to welcome all of our wonderful users and partners in Reno, Nevada. As always, I look forward to addressing the conference in my annual keynote speech, a kickoff to the first full day of Summit. This year we’re planning a new element of the...

Latest Award Shows Commitment to Customer Empowerment

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Dan Ortolani | May 17, 2016

Here at Information Builders, we’re committed to three key words: intelligence, integration and integrity. But a fourth word is woven into our philosophy as a company and everything we do. Empowerment is at the root of all of the business intelligence, data, and analytics products and services we...

The Surest Way to Tank Any Accountable Care Program

Kevin Mergruen's picture
Kevin Mergruen | May 13, 2016

There’s no surer way to tank any accountable care initiative than to evaluate performance or drive treatment plans based on inaccurate, untimely and incomplete data. Poor identity management and a lack of semantic interoperability of code sets are huge stumbling blocks, as pointed out by CEO...

Leadership for the Future: Why the CIO Will Be Tomorrow’s CEO

Rado Kotorov's picture
Rado Kotorov | May 12, 2016

In my last Leadership for the Future post, I outlined a few ways that organizational structures will need to shift in the next five to 10 years to adapt to our technology-driven world. With a flatter, decentralized organizational model and more collaborative, cross-discipline teams, tomorrow’s...

Happy 30th Anniversary, InfoBuild Oy!

Dave Small's picture
Dave Small | May 11, 2016

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the 30th anniversary of our Finnish representative InfoBuild Ltd., at the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki, Finland.  Employees, customers and the Ambassador, Charles C. Adams attended the celebration.  When speaking with Ambassador Adams, he commented...

Getting the Most Value From Your Hadoop Ecosystem

Beth Adams's picture
Beth Adams | May 05, 2016

For some companies, many big data projects are left unfinished due to inaccurate scope, technical roadblocks, and data silos. Misconceptions, mistakes, and poor planning can negatively impact deployments by wasting time and resources, hindering performance, and delaying return on investment. So...

May the Fourth Be With You on Star Wars Day

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Kathleen Moran | May 04, 2016

It's Star Wars Day, and here at Information Builders we couldn’t be more excited! Being the Data Jedi that we are, we know the Force is strong with BI and analytics. In fact, if Yoda had harnessed the power of data perhaps he could have used predictive analytics to prevent the rise of the Galactic...