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Summit in Full Swing

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Terri White | June 11, 2014

A stellar group of analysts participated in Summit, each delivering unique perspectives on the state of business intelligence and analytics: the market, the technologies, organizational structures, evolving skill sets, frameworks and ecosystems, macro and micro trends, survey research, and more....

Summit Keynotes Rock the Crowd

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Terri White | June 10, 2014

It all started with a Band in a Box. Well, a DJ and a Drummer in a Box to be precise – putting out some loud sounds that got Summit grooving to a rock-solid beat.

A Very Summit Monday

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Terri White | June 09, 2014

Walking around the halls at Summit today and you’ll find people from all over the world, and from just about every industry and sector of the economy. They’re here to tap into the collective intelligence of their peers and of Information Builders’ experts, so they can return to their jobs with new...

Summit is Here!

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Terri White | June 08, 2014

After months of preparations, we're excited and ready for a week of concentrated learning and productive dialogue with our customers and partners.  We’re ready to be inspired by each other’s achievements. And of course we’re ready to have some fun. A few sessions begin this afternoon, followed...

Big Data and the consumer

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James Cotton | June 05, 2014

There are always ongoing discussions about the business benefits and challenges of Big Data. There's even been a lot of consideration about how Big Data impacts the customer experience. But thus far there has been very little discussion about the benefits for the average consumer. As customers grow...

Contest: What Are You Looking Forward to the Most at Summit 2014?

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Kathleen Moran | May 27, 2014

Let the countdown begin…Information Builders’ Summit 2014 is just two weeks away! Many of our Summit attendees are loyal customers with whom we enjoy long-term relationships and a deep understanding of their particular business intelligence and data management needs. Other attendees may be joining...

International Summit - Are you ready for it?

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Anoma van Eeden | May 22, 2014

Big Data, digitization, increased competition, and growing demands from customers make it increasingly important for organizations to create a data driven culture.  A culture where all employees have access to accurate information and can use it to make informed decisions without the need to...

The Computing Industry's Perpetual Springtime

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Jake Freivald | May 20, 2014

I'm going to talk about the cloud, but bear with me for a paragraph.  In 1965, IBM System/360 mainframes revolutionized computing. The System/360 was a large, centralized computing platform with distributed endpoints -- high-speed printers and other terminals -- that allowed people in...