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The Confidence Gap: Is Your Data Quality Suspect?

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools 2014

Contest: What Are You Looking Forward to the Most at Summit 2014?

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Kathleen Moran | May 27, 2014

Let the countdown begin…Information Builders’ Summit 2014 is just two weeks away! Many of our Summit attendees are loyal customers with whom we enjoy long-term relationships and a deep understanding of their particular business intelligence and data management needs. Other attendees may be joining...

International Summit - Are you ready for it?

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Anoma van Eeden | May 22, 2014

Big Data, digitization, increased competition, and growing demands from customers make it increasingly important for organizations to create a data driven culture.  A culture where all employees have access to accurate information and can use it to make informed decisions without the need to...

The Computing Industry's Perpetual Springtime

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Jake Freivald | May 20, 2014

I'm going to talk about the cloud, but bear with me for a paragraph.  In 1965, IBM System/360 mainframes revolutionized computing. The System/360 was a large, centralized computing platform with distributed endpoints -- high-speed printers and other terminals -- that allowed people in...

Tag Cloud, You're It! - Visualize Your Unstructured Data

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Dan Grady | May 19, 2014

If you are in the technology business, more specifically the information business, you probably receive a minimum of 10 emails a week with the term “Big Data” somewhere in the subject line. And no wonder - it's a hot topic. All this "big conversation" on big data has skewed the focus to dealing...

Facebook Stats Show Who’s Got Game in NBA Playoffs

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Dan Grady | May 14, 2014

The NBA playoffs are in full swing and many fans are already calling 2014 the best year ever. A number of playoff records have already been set and we haven't yet finished the second round.  A record 5 of the 8 first-round series went to a deciding Game 7, which has never happened before. In...

Customer segmentation and personalization

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Anoma van Eeden | May 12, 2014

The power of you, and you, and you   It is 2014 and the data wars have begun. Retailers are stockpiling customer data, mining it from loyalty cards, online shopping, transaction records and mobile devices. Spoiled by servers piled upon servers, the next phase of the battle is about to begin;...

My So-Called Data-Driven Life

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Terri White | May 09, 2014

It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of nerding out on data and analytics was reserved for only a select few, mainly because Business Intelligence (BI) applications were so complex that you needed to be a statistician, business analyst or programmer to use them effectively. The consumerization of...

Revenge of the Fifth

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Dan Grady | May 05, 2014

Thanks to the Internet and one of the more passionate movie franchise fan bases, May 4th has become more than just the day before “Cinco Day Mayo”.  It is now known as “Star Wars Day”and has become so popular it has its own hashtag –  #StarWarsDay – that was trending yesterday on Twitter.