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Predictions for 2014, Round 1: Big Data, Data Discovery, InfoApps

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Jake Freivald | December 13, 2013

Happy almost-new-year! You know what that means: prediction time.    Information Builders has seven predictions for 2014. I'll start with three here, and we'll post the rest next week. [UPDATED: Here.]   1. The term “Big Data” will get smaller, but data volumes will continue to go up...

Re-gifting the Twelve Days of Jargon (Christmas Video)

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Jake Freivald | December 13, 2013

Hey, I'm not proud. If I were, I sure wouldn't have done these "Twelve Days of Jargon" videos last year. So I'm not too proud to re-gift them, either. If I could re-gift the sweaters, too, I would. Trust me. The first of our twelve days of jargon is all about data quality. Data coming in from...

When 'Engagement' Leads to Alarm Bells, not Wedding Bells

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Fateh Naili | December 12, 2013

Most people would tell you that they love being recognised and they love having their loyalty rewarded, but when does engagement start to border on 'creepy'? Online retailers, service providers and social media sites all have access to a lot of our personal information. This ranges from what we buy...

When Big Data and the Internet of Things Collide

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Hans Heerooms | December 09, 2013

There is already a lot of discussion around Big Data, and increasingly the term 'Internet of Things' (IoT) is becoming common parlance in data management circles. This is being driven by a massive growth in the number of sensors embedded in everything from our devices right through to the...

How can you delete what you don't know you have?

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James Cotton | December 06, 2013

The latest amendments to the draft EU Data Protection Act reinforce the 'right to erasure' and propose fines of up to €100m if data is abused. Under the proposed regulation, customers of any company operating within the European Union will have the right to request that their personal...

Apple Bites on Social Media

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Dan Grady | December 03, 2013

On Monday, Apple made a sizeable bet on the value of social media by acquiring social media search and analytics company Topsy Labs for upwards of 200 million dollars.    There's a lot of speculation on why Apple made this purchase, but a few things are clear: First, one of the largest...