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Information Builders Anniversary: 40 Years of Innovation and Industry Leadership

The Social Side of #IBSummit 2015

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Dan Grady | June 08, 2015

Information Builders Summit is, for me at least, the most energizing networking event of the year.  This year was no different, with over a 1000 customers and colleagues discussing how to get more value out of the world’s data. This year, like last year, not only were we all discussing data,...

Top Ten Things Overheard at Summit 2015

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Terri White | June 08, 2015

10. Your stakeholders don’t want predictive analytics. They want predictions. The beauty of using WebFOCUS for business analytics is that you can easily operationalize them and deploy out to all your stakeholders in a snap. Embedding predictive and social analytics into charts, graphs and...

Summit 2015 Photo Gallery

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Terri White | June 04, 2015

Summit 2015 is in the books! It's been a truly rewarding 5 days of learning. We'll be recapping some of the highlights over the next few days, but until then, please browse the photos on this Flickr stream.     

Information Builders = Information Beautiful

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Terri White | June 03, 2015

One thing is clear at this year’s Summit – our technology is looking better than ever. Walk into any lab or session and you’ll see portals, dashboards and InfoApps that are designed to communicate effectively and be simple to understand and use by non-technical people. As Ventana’s Mark Smith said...

Welcome to Summit 2015!

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Kathleen Moran | June 01, 2015

We’re excited to kick off Summit 2015 today! As you know, it’s a historic year for Information Builders – we gather at Summit to celebrate our relationships with our customers and partners today, and throughout the past 40 years. It’s been an incredible journey and our future is brighter than ever...

Sunday: Welcome to a Special 40th Anniversary Summit

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Terri White | May 31, 2015

Innovation with longevity. That describes Information Builders to a tee. During Summit 2015, which kicked off today, we are celebrating our achievements of the past 40 years, and especially those of our customers and partners, many of whom have joined us here on Orlando this first week of June....

Is Your Data Worth Its Weight in Helzberg?

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Jake Freivald | May 29, 2015

Gartner believes it is. In yesterday’s blog post, analyst Doug Laney writes about the firm's new Data Strategy research team. Among the many things Doug and the rest of this team analyze for clients is "identifying dozens of ways to monetize their own information assets, and/or those that can be...

My Summit 2015 Experience - What I'm Looking Forward To

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Dan Grady | May 28, 2015

I’ve been traveling around North America speaking at our Data Monetization events. As part of that event I always like to ask the audience, “how many of you have ever been part of a failed technology project?” As you would expect, the majority of the room responds with raised hands. I...