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Yield Better Results from Data Analytics

Information Builders Anniversary: 40 Years of Innovation and Industry Leadership

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Get to Know Information Builders with #WeAreIB

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Kathleen Moran | July 20, 2015

Here at Information Builders, we’re serious about all things business intelligence and analytics. We always strive to deliver market-leading products and service to our clients, so they can tackle whatever business issues may come their way. Information Builders is built on the success of our...

Yield Better Results from Data Analytics

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Jake Freivald | July 14, 2015

A new report from KMPG highlights some of the analytic challenges companies face today. Ninety seven percent of those surveyed are using data and analytics (D&A), yet only 19 percent are "very satisfied" with the insights they're getting. Lack of usability and data quality are among the likely...

Why Modern Business Intelligence Means Self-Service Analytics

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Peter Walker | July 06, 2015

There’s been a lot of hype about big data. We all know why we need to use it in our businesses, but the question is now how it is used, or, indeed, who is going to benefit from it most. Once upon a time, scientists and IT specialists were the only people with access to big data. This was because...

40 Years of Innovation Celebrated Around the World

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Maria Dahlquist Canton | June 29, 2015

2015 International Summits Recap What better way to celebrate 40 years of innovation than in four cities – London, Frankfurt, Madrid and Mexico City – with 500+ attendees, in the span of two weeks. The 2015 International Summits were a true success! Our keynotes were informative and customers, as...

Strive for Impact, Not Just Insight

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Bruce Kolodziej | June 22, 2015

Discovery of interesting information is always valuable and can lead to significant insight about an issue. Insight often occurs when organizations uncover facts about their customers, such as: Customers who cancel accounts and leave for the competition Customers under the age of 30 who have low...

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Recognizes Information Builders

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Kathleen Moran | June 19, 2015

In the past 40 years, our world has changed in so many ways. High-definition cameras, smartphones and the Internet certainly are a long way from Polaroid, pay phones and paper-based business processes. It’s a digital age, and there have been many technological revolutions along the way to get to...

Predictive Analytics Simplified

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Bruce Kolodziej | June 10, 2015

Every day I meet with organizations with a need to employ predictive analytics for better business decisions across a wide variety of industries and use cases. These include financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, higher education, government agencies, and insurance customers all...

The Social Side of #IBSummit 2015

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Dan Grady | June 08, 2015

Information Builders Summit is, for me at least, the most energizing networking event of the year.  This year was no different, with over a 1000 customers and colleagues discussing how to get more value out of the world’s data. This year, like last year, not only were we all discussing data,...