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Who, Inc. and the Data Grinch

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Top Ten Information Builders Blog Posts of 2015

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Dan Grady | December 30, 2015

Another year has come and gone, and as I begin to wrap up this year and prepare for the next, I'm reminded of the few constants that I always look forward to towards the end of January: the ball dropping in Times Square, James Bond Marathons, how they're going take the year and turn it into a pair...

Analyzing Elf on the Shelf

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Dan Grady | December 23, 2015

It’s been several years since we decided to fight back and turn the tables on those sneaky little elves that sit on our shelves. You know the tiny guys in red that I’m talking about; our festive pals from the North Pole who sit in our homes during the Christmas season, watching our every move and...

Santa Wish List from a Data Analyst

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Rado Kotorov | December 21, 2015

*as told by Dr Rado Kotorov, chief innovation officer at Information Builders Dear Santa, I’ve had a good hard think about what I want for Christmas. 2015 has been a good year for me – my work is valuable and I can see the data I’m analysing will save my business a lot of money. However, I sense we...

Who, Inc. and the Data Grinch

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Jake Freivald | December 18, 2015

All the Whos down at Who, Inc. loved their business a lot. But the Grinch, a tough Who, Inc. rival, did not. The Grinch hated their business, hated it madly. He set about trying to make it do badly. Play the video to hear the text read out loud.   Staring down from his office with a sour...

Analyze This: Top Movies of All Time

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Porter Thorndike | December 18, 2015

As you’ve likely noticed by now, we at Information Builders have what many are calling the “Star Wars fever”. The force is strong across the country and especially at our headquarters in New York City - as highlighted by the dozens I saw camped outside movie theaters on my rainy walk to the subway...

This Friday the "Force Awakens"

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Dan Grady | December 15, 2015

Like many other kids who grew up in the 80’s, I am a huge Star Wars fan.  My wife refuses to watch any of the movies with me for a number of reasons, but I think the biggest reason is my “Uncontrollable Recite-itis”, which is the condition that causes me to recite the movie word for word as I...

Spotlight on Information Builders’ Customers Using #dataforgood

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Kathleen Moran | December 14, 2015

If you’re a Twitter user, you may have noticed a new hashtag popping up in your feed recently. #dataforgood, used to denote when data and analytics are used to benefit a broader community, is being incorporated into a growing number of Tweets coming from an array of users.   #dataforgood...

Healthcare Analytics Symposium Rocks Ontario

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Kevin Mergruen | December 09, 2015

Information Builders Canada held its second annual Healthcare Analytics Symposium at the Hockley Valley Resort in Mono, Ontario from November 30th to December 1st. This two-day event joined 36 like-minded healthcare professionals from 20 organizations who networked and shared information about...

Calling all Data Jedi to Join us for #DataWars!

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Kathleen Moran | December 08, 2015

The Force will awaken next Friday, and here at Information Builders we couldn’t be more excited! Being the Data Jedi that we are, we know the Force is strong with BI and analytics. In fact, if Yoda had harnessed the power of data perhaps he could have used predictive analytics to prevent the rise...