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What Do Lego and BI Platforms Have in Common?

What Do Lego and BI Platforms Have in Common?

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Dan Grady | March 10, 2014

This weekend we took my girls to a birthday party.  These kid’s parties have become significantly less fun since the day I was deemed too tall for the ball pit and too heavy for the inflatable bouncy houses.  But this party was different because I brought The Lego Movie to entertain a...

Computerworld Honors Scott Franzel of OFS Brands

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Kathleen Moran | March 07, 2014

No matter the industry, mobile is the name of today’s game. Once considered “nice to have,” mobile technology options are now an imperative for businesses of all types, and those who fail to embrace them cripple their chances at future success. Incorporating mobile into a company’s IT strategy is...

Oscar Analysis: How Did the Data Do?

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Dan Grady | March 03, 2014

Okay, so the 2014 Oscars have come and gone, and like any good analyst, I need to review the actual results against what the data was telling us leading into the event. When viewed from a certain angle, the numbers actually mimic what played out last night's results. If you recall, we analyzed a...

Taking Real Steps Towards Data Quality

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Vincent Lam | February 18, 2014

Have you ever tried to build anything without instructions? A toy. A piece of furniture. Even a cupcake. (Fine, that's baking, but you get the idea!) It's an interesting dilemna. You can see the final product on the box but sometimes there are tens or even hundreds of steps to get there. Each step...

The Candy Crush Conversation

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Dan Grady | February 18, 2014

King Digital Entertainment, the company beloved and hated by millions across the world for bringing us the addictive puzzle game Candy Crush Saga, announced today that they have filed for an initial public offering in the United States.  As a functioning addict myself (I’ve been stuck on Level...