A Dramatic 2016 Masters - Did the Numbers Agree?

Taking a Fresh Look at March Madness With Data Science

Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms, 2016: My Take

“Self-Service Analytics for Everyone” ... Please Explain!

Who, Inc. and the Data Grinch

Data-Raid: A Lesson in Ace-ing Self-Service Analytics

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Tim Brynda | April 14, 2016

No matter the industry, having the tools to access and utilize data changes the game for growing companies. Ace Hardware is a perfect example. Today I’m excited to share with you how my company utilized self-service BI and analytics tools from Information Builders to improve our data insight,...

#BetterData Cartoon Series Blog – Data Quality

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Kathleen Moran | April 13, 2016

It’s not enough to simply aggregate a lot of data anymore. Gleaning insight from poor quality data is arguably worse than having no data analysis at all. To make decisions that benefit the bottom line, business leaders need to use high quality data that paints an accurate picture. Failure to do so...

Leadership for the Future: What Does Tomorrow Look Like?

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Rado Kotorov | April 12, 2016

Technology’s ability to deliver a competitive advantage is driving digital transformation in nearly every industry. From healthcare to manufacturing, it’s hard to find an area of business that hasn’t been affected by sensors, digital records, or automation. But what does this mean? We’re on the...

A Dramatic 2016 Masters - Did the Numbers Agree?

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Andy McCartney | April 11, 2016

As a keen golfer I was glued to the Masters on Sunday, and the fluctuations in fortunes for the leaders. I am sure everyone can point to the 10 minutes of the day that changed everything, when Jordan Spieth inexplicably dunked 2 balls in to Rae's Creek on the 12th hole. That cost him 4 shots and...

The Data-Raid: Answering the Call for Self-Service BI and Analytics

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Kathleen Moran | April 07, 2016

Self-service BI and analytics are playing an increasingly important role in organizations as they realize the value of putting enterprise information directly into the hands of decision-makers. Individuals from across the organizational ecosystem – from front-line employees to external parties like...

#BetterData Cartoon Series Asks – How Current is Your Data?

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Kathleen Moran | April 06, 2016

Ask any business leader and they’ll tell you, they want to base their decisions on the latest and greatest information. In today’s fast moving business world, dated or static data simply isn’t good enough. Companies want real-time or near real-time intel to inform their next move. Even the most...

Insight and Innovation in Financial Services

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Jon M. Deutsch | April 04, 2016

Financial Services is Information Builders’ largest vertical market, generating approximately 40 percent of corporate revenue every year. We serve nine of the ten largest banks in North America and the five largest banks in Canada. Collectively, Information Builders' banking customers represent 85...

Taking a Fresh Look at March Madness With Data Science

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Porter Thorndike | April 01, 2016

For many sports fans, this weekend is one of the best of the year as the Final Four tips off with two games to decide who will play for NCAA men’s basketball’s championship. It’s the culmination of what has been a thrilling — and maddening! — March Madness tournament. We can’t wait to watch and see...

The Case for Master Data Management

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Beth Adams | March 31, 2016

What is Master Data Management (MDM) and why does your business need it? A comprehensive master data management (MDM) strategy, with the right supporting technologies, can help organizations enhance productivity and operational performance by improving information accuracy and data exchange within...