Top Ten Things Overheard at Summit 2015

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 By | June 08, 2015
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June 08, 2015

10. Your stakeholders don’t want predictive analytics. They want predictions.

The beauty of using WebFOCUS for business analytics is that you can easily operationalize them and deploy out to all your stakeholders in a snap. Embedding predictive and social analytics into charts, graphs and dashboards on the front lines is really easy.

9. The first step in battling ugly data is admitting you have a problem.

The surging popularity of analytics and data discovery has made data quality and governance more important than ever. Customers are keenly interested in data management solutions such as real-time data quality firewalls to help improve accuracy and integrity of information. Interested in our Data Quality Challenge?

8. Big data analytics is a thing.  

Yep, this year there were noticeably more organizations with active or planned big data analytics projects than in years past, especially in retail and healthcare industries. Together with our partner ecosystem, including Summit sponsors MapR and Teradata, we can help you acquire, store, prepare, integrate, and  analyze big data. Next on the buzz train is the Internet of Things (ioT) - lots of exciting things happening in this area already. Mark Smith of Ventana Research even told us about sensors being used to build a smarter mousetrap, which shows you there is no limit to the potential for innovation.

7. Master Data Management has a need for speed.

Omni-Gen turned some heads at Summit with its promise of massively accelerated master data management (MDM) processes. It’s actually quite a simple concept: start with where you want to go and Omni-Gen generates all the routes you need to get there. Automatically. Maybe we should call it Omni-Genie.

6. Look ma, my BI Portal is responsive!

Some might say the new responsive BI Portal was the star of the show: slick, modern, mobile, innovative, practical, and flexible. They’d be right. Other noteworthy innovations were Auto Linking and mapping enhancements. Read about them here.

5. Great design communicates and informs.

The new Design Lab, expert rooms, and labs and sessions on dashboard design best practices were a huge hit with attendees. It’s gratifying to see so much attention paid to making your data not only look good, but communicate simply and effectively.

4. Everybody loves maps.

It’s true. Location is a compelling way to analyze data – from fighting fraud to optimizing inventory to predicting crime. They look cool and they tell complex stories in a glance. Working with our partner and Summit Sponsor Esri, WebFOCUS offers some amazing geographical analytics capabilities.

3. Universal Studios is only open in the rain.

Well at least it seems like it, especially to those customers who’ve attended the last 3 Orlando Summits! It’s the same story every year: put on your poncho and get ready to have an amazing time. Nothing can dampen the mood of this crew!

2. You can never have enough hands-on labs.

Seriously, should we make Summit one giant lab? We’ll check the surveys and get back to you on that one. Every hands-on lab was standing room only – and there were a TON of them. Attendees value the immersive learning experience and chance to DIY.

1. And the number one thing we heard at Summit was…

You look great for 40 -- who did your logo?

Why, thank you! We love what we do and it shows. We have one heck of a Summit Events team who pour their hearts into making this conference the best it can be for our customers. This being our 40th anniversary made it particularly meaningful. We chose to focus on celebrating innovation – the passion we put into our products and the amazing applications that our customers create. 40 ain’t so bad after all.

A huge thank you to the customers and partners who attended Summit 2015 – we appreciate your participation – and look forward to seeing you back again next year.

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