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 By | June 03, 2015
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June 03, 2015

The WebFOCUS BI portal offers responsive design for a great experience on any mobile device. 

One thing is clear at this year’s Summit – our technology is looking better than ever. Walk into any lab or session and you’ll see portals, dashboards and InfoApps that are designed to communicate effectively and be simple to understand and use by non-technical people. As Ventana’s Mark Smith said in his session yesterday, “The average business executive can’t interpret advanced data visualizations – they need simple metrics, charts, and indicators to absorb quickly before a meeting or over a cup of coffee.”


This is echoed by Tim Brynda, software engineering consultant at Ace Hardware, in an interview for eWeek on modern BI strategy: " Ace is considering deploying an executive dashboard within the next year using [WebFOCUS], "very similar to the Portal views" shown during the conference's keynote, which combined several visualizations into one customizable screen. He envisions that every morning the dashboard will provide Ace executives and other stakeholders with "a great snapshot of how the company is doing."

The color palettes, responsive design, and charting styles offered by WebFOCUS and InfoDiscovery help bring order to complex and disparate data so the end user connects to the information in a meaningful way. The Design Lab and many sessions focused on best practices of dashboard design, UI and UX have also been very popular with attendees. (Catch Porter Thorndike at 4:00pm today - Wednesday, June 3 - in Osceola A for "The Dashboard Future, music, and Michael Jackson dance moves". You know you want to). 

In every session, attendees learned how to move away from "reporting" and move towards storytelling and communicating with data. Making this powerful shift in thinking, and aligning BI to the performance objectives of the organization, will lead to bigger impact and create more value.

Our takeway from today? If BI isn't a game-changer, you're not doing it right.

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