Summit High Notes, Keynotes, and Did We Mention the Analytics Revolution?

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 By | June 01, 2015
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June 01, 2015

Hey - it's the Utz team at Summit! 

“Ain’t no stopping us now,” belted out Sisaundra Lewis from The Voice, accompanied by a full gospel choir to warm up the crowd for Summit 2015. Michael Corcoran, CMO and SVP Marketing, Information Builders, followed with another rousing song. Just kidding! He warmly welcomed everyone and spoke of collaboration between business and IT, working holistically, and breaking down silos. More than half of all sessions at Summit are presented by customers, “which is just perfect”. Michael honored the community that is Summit and urged all attendees to participate and talk to one another because “it’s that kind of conference.” 

Hudson Hollister Makes the Case for Open Data

Hudson Hollister delivered an awesome keynote for these data-deep times, focusing on his work as an advocate for the Data Transparency Coalition to promote transparency and accountability in the Federal Government, starting with Federal spending. It’s a simple idea of publishing government information as standardized, machine-readable data, but it has enormous potential to improve and automate cumbersome processes. (McKinsey estimated $3 trillion in potential benefits.) It was an engaging talk that all of us can relate to in one way or another – most organizations can gain value through more effective data standards and usage. It’s foundational and transformative. Boom.

40th Anniversary Film Debuts  

To mark the 40th anniversary, the audience was treated to a special premiere of a short film to honor Gerry Cohen, Information Builders President and CEO, along with the other founders, Peter Mittelman and Marty Slagowitz. The film traced the company’s milestones, and acknowledged the passion and dedication of its employees, and their unwavering focus on customer success. You can watch it here.  

Pervasive Information Distribution

Gerry acknowledged the founders (all present in the audience today) in his opening remarks. Then he spoke of what he loves best – new WebFOCUS and iWay product features and enhancements, along with product demos that generated a lot of oohs and aahs. Highlights included the responsive BI Portal, animation and collaboration features in InfoDiscovery, Esri location analytics and layered maps, and Auto Linking – a really cool way to explore your BI content by simply drilling through on one content item to other related content. All of these things support pervasive information distribution, a concept that Gartner espouses and that is the driving force behind the WebFOCUS platform -- the notion that everyone makes decisions and requires relevant information at the right time.

Talking About a Revolution

It's a new analytical era spurred on by big data, Internet of things, technology ease of use, and our growing desire to analyze all kinds of information, from heart rates to spending habits. We see it in the new roles of chief data and analytics officer; new productization of data assets; and new cultures of accountability and transparency at many forward-thinking organizations. It's exciting to see our customers leading the way with game-changing InfoApps and information management strategies.

Stay on the #IBSummit Trail

There are so many stories happening in every corner of Summit. The best way to sniff them out is to follow #IBSummit. Folks are tweeting their take-aways and reviews from the sessions they attend – it’s a great way to get a snapshot of what you might have missed. Watch this blog for more recaps as we move through the week. Enjoy the photos, too!