The Short List of 2015 CIO Priorities

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 By | December 22, 2014
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December 22, 2014

I recently wrote a blog on the CIO’s top 3 priorities for 2015, but I continue to think about the topic as the 2014 year-end approaches and we see more and more CIO priority lists. The list does not have to be long, as many tend to be. Long lists are typically created to show how busy CIOs are, which is indeed true. They also frequently include unfinished projects from the past year to indicate how under-resourced IT organizations are, which is also true. What makes these lists long are the tactical issues that take 95 percent of the CIO’s attention. And this is precisely what is wrong with long lists.

Instead, the CIO has to focus on the transformational changes occurring in the IT industry and translate them into actionable strategies for his or her organization. The list of transformational changes is usually very short – perhaps it can be boiled down to just one. I will posit here that for the IT industry the big change is that data is becoming the most important enterprise asset. Every CIO can derive his short list from this fact.

Check out my full blog post on IT World at the above link for more on what I consider to be the CIO’s top three priorities for 2015. And if you are ready to start tackling and modernizing your data strategy, this white paper will help.