Data Discovery QuickClip: Why Are People Moving to North Dakota?

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 By | October 22, 2014
in Business Intelligence, data visualization
October 22, 2014

In this video, I use WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery to analyze 2013 Census data. My goal was to see where people were moving and to understand why they were doing so. I measured this first with a Scatterplot from the Visualization Library and learned that population change and employment change typically work in tandem. There were outliers, however, which I added to the storyboard feature to capture analysis and later interpret.

Next, I visualized this information on a map from the visualization library in order to view trends regionally in a way the scatterplot couldn’t present. I wanted to really visualize that population change. And I did! I could see immediately where people were moving to and away from. Most notably—people were moving to North Dakota. Upon further analysis, I discovered that there was an oil boom, a lot of fracking, and workers making over $100,000 in North Dakota.

Being able to visualize this, capture analysis on a storyboard, then export the storyboard for further annotation and presentation is one of the things that InfoDiscovery does very well. To view a more in-depth 30-minute demo of InfoDiscovery’s capabilities, please join me for a Daytime Demo starting October 29.