#DataforGood in Fight Against Cancer

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 By | February 04, 2016
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February 04, 2016

Join us. Let's end cancer in our lifetime.

Today is World Cancer Day, a global event that takes place every year to bring people together in the fight against cancer. With 8.2 million people dying from cancer worldwide each year, just about everyone on our planet has been touched by the disease in some way. Personally, I lost my mother to cancer 13 years ago today.

World Cancer Day unites people across the globe to raise awareness and promote education. The day brings hope and a sense of unity to those battling the disease, showing that individuals and organizations can make a difference when aligned for a common goal.

One such organization, The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute, is committed to saving lives and preventing cancer and infectious diseases throughout the world through research and new discoveries. Headquartered in Seattle, Fred Hutch is currently in the process of expanding across the globe into Africa and China to positively impact communities there.

Being a research-based organization, Fred Hutch relies heavily on data and information, distilling it down into actionable pieces to further cancer prevention knowledge, techniques and medicine. Fred Hutch has found success in employing self-service analytics to help its faculty and researchers gain deeper insight into various types of data and visualizations.

Given that much of Fred Hutch’s budget is grant-funded, it was often difficult to track monetary allocation and the bottom line while upholding its mission to continue conducting research of the highest standards. Fred Hutch is also using business intelligence and analytics solutions for its reporting efforts, which allow employees to spend less time reporting and more time making crucial contributions in the fight against cancer worldwide.

On World Cancer Day, we stand united against cancer with Fred Hutch and the many other organizations, individuals and families who are working toward the goal of finding cures. Everyone can play a part in this important battle. Check out the World Cancer Day website to get involved and find ways to help.