Spotlight on Information Builders’ Customers Using #dataforgood

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 By | December 14, 2015
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December 14, 2015

#dataforgood, a popular new hashtag, enables everyone on Twitter to see the humanitarian benefits of data and analytics.

If you’re a Twitter user, you may have noticed a new hashtag popping up in your feed recently. #dataforgood, used to denote when data and analytics are used to benefit a broader community, is being incorporated into a growing number of Tweets coming from an array of users.
#dataforgood enables you to see all the positive ways data and analytics are improving people's lives. The projects vary tremendously – from helping people get shelter in Nepal, to protecting endangered species, to better understanding poverty trends and their causes. But no matter the focus, they all share the common goal of fostering positive community improvement. This hashtag proves that when harnessed well, data has the potential to help change the world. 
Information Builders is proud to work with numerous customers who are putting data and analytics to work to provide better healthcare, better police services, better education and so much more. We’re incredibly proud of our customers’ work and the role we’ve played in helping them achieve their data-fueled goals. For this reason, we’re excited to be promoting their stories in the weeks to come in conjunction with the #dataforgood campaign. 
Make sure you’re following the @infobldrs handle and the #dataforgood hashtag to learn about how our great customers – Food for the Poor, Taylor University and many more – are utilizing data to improve people’s lives. Look out for the new stories posted every Wednesday. We look forward to sharing with you how we’re helping our customers put their data to work to drive positive change.