#BetterData Cartoon Series Asks - Does Your Data Have Integrity?

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 By | March 16, 2016
in data integrity, data visualization
March 16, 2016

The third in our #BetterData Cartoon Series. Tune in each week for more humorous looks at what happens when you cover up bad data with aesthetically pleasing visualizations.

Businesses recognize the importance of BI reports that contain readily accessible data that’s widely available to a variety of end users. Yet both businesses and their users can fall for the allure of aesthetically pleasing visual reports, without questioning the integrity of the data behind them.

With today’s technology, It’s easy to display an assortment of data with a pretty graph or chart. What isn’t so easy, and where many companies stumble, is ensuring the integrity of the data behind their BI initiatives. The inability to control and manage data integrity, due to the rising volume of information generated and stored in diverse and disparate sources, makes it difficult for companies to successfully derive value from their enterprise information assets.

This is why businesses can’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to how they package their data—look past the pretty graphs and ask if the data beneath is #BetterData that is complete and accurate. Problems such as redundancies and duplications, lack of consistency and standardization between systems housing similar or shared information, and missing or incomplete data continue to plague businesses. Make sure to invest in data integrity solutions for #BetterData, or else!

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