#BetterData Cartoon Series Asks - Is Better Data Important?

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 By | March 09, 2016
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March 09, 2016

The first in our #BetterData Cartoon Series. Tune in each week for more humorous looks at what happens when bad data goes unchecked.

Believe it or not, you can find examples of good and bad data quality anywhere you look. For instance, I received two copies of the same magazine this week, one addressed to “Kathleen Moran” and one to “K Morran”. Quality of data is important. And in the enterprise, data that is partial, improperly managed, or uncleansed can lead to uninformed users, and worse, business decisions made based on bad data.
In a data-driven organization, from the top down, everyone understands there is value in information, and the importance of extending that information to all stakeholders. Beyond that, these organizations understand that having good data is a foundationally important factor, but empowering people to take action based on that data is what pushes beyond traditional reporting toward making greater use of information in day-to-day operations and decisions.
With better data, organizations can do more—find new potential revenue, eliminate inefficiencies, and fix processes. When a variety of users has easy access to high-quality information, the data strategy comes alive, and further fuels users’ desire to be part of the analytics driven business environment.
And with bad data—well, the opposite happens. Corrupt data locked in Excel grids. Unenthusiastic employees frustrated by insular data analyst circles that excludes stakeholders from getting involved. The inability for entire organizations to understand their data, if it’s accurate, and what it’s telling them. 

Many businesses have good intentions with how to use their data—they understand the importance of being a data-driven organization and want to unlock insights from their information. In all likelihood, they have the BI and analytics tools in place to carry out the integration, analysis, and distribution of their data.

One aspect of being a truly data-driven organization that can be overlooked, however, is gaining buy-in from every stakeholder. The investment in technology and support from leadership are critical to transforming from within, but so is making sure that all users have access to information that can help them understand data and use it to make better decisions. When some stakeholders are left out, the entire organization can suffer!

In our new #BetterData Cartoon Series, we take a humorous look at what happens when bad data goes unchecked. Each week we’ll post a new cartoon on our social channels, so be sure to follow us on Twitter at @infobldrs, on InstagramFacebook and Google+
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