Are Diamonds Still a Girl’s Best Friend?

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 By | February 11, 2016
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February 11, 2016
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our minds are swimming with all the classic holiday images: cards from your sweetie, long-stemmed roses, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, and of course, glittering diamonds. There is certainly an uptick in diamond ads this time of year, which help conjure thoughts of romance and remind us of women’s love affairs with the gorgeous gems. But in today’s world of digital and tech inspired gifts, I ask myself, are diamonds still a girl’s best friend?
Helzberg Diamonds certainly thinks so! The Information Builders customer helps thousands of people ensure Valentine’s Day will be a success by using BI and analytics to track, predict and analyze their diamond sales.

Helzberg Diamond’s story began in 1915 when Moris Helzberg opened his first store in Kansas City, Kansas. Helzberg embraced innovation and pushed boundaries early on, pioneering the Certified Perfect Diamonds Program to enforce standards for the entire jewelry industry in 1930. This spirit of innovation and commitment to knowledge and customer satisfaction continued throughout the years with Helzberg launching one of the very first e-commerce sites – – in 1996.

Today, with 233 stores in 39 states and a strong global presence online, Helzberg knows that success depends on maintaining customer relationships across every channel. With a wide variety of customers with varied preferences, the company needs to create a personalized experience for each one. Utilizing BI and analytics through Information Builders’ WebFOCUS platform, Helzberg has done just that. WebFOCUS helps store managers discern which products customers want and the type of service that they need. The platform allows Helzberg to stay nimble by anticipating and evaluating market trends, tracking promotional effectiveness, and boosting productivity in nearly every facet of its business.

Helzberg also facilitates its partner relationship by sharing data and statistics on campaigns and products from all markets, allowing partners to understand which products are most in demand so they can plan accordingly. This insight is invaluable in a highly competitive space such as fine jewelry. The rapid access to knowledge provided by the BI system gives Helzberg and its partners a leg up on their competition.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re happy to know Helzberg Diamonds is making use of better data to create a one-of-a-kind experience for shoppers. Helzberg Diamonds knows its commitment to understanding its diverse markets and customers is made stronger with the help of sophisticated business intelligence. For Helzberg, working with Information Builders is like giving Cupid another arrow in his quiver – hey, even Roman Gods need a little help sometimes! With a boost from BI and analytics, Helzberg Diamonds has helped make Valentine’s Day memorable for countless shoppers and their sweeties, proving that for many of us, diamonds are definitely still a girl’s best friend.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Information Builders.