Information Builders Helps Universities Get Into Top Form

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 By | September 08, 2015
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September 08, 2015

Improve student retention, graduation statistics, and more, with Information Builders solutions for higher education.
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It’s that time of year again! Summer has come to a close and parents, students and universities are all in a back-to-school frame of mind. (I am personally ready for my boys to go back!)

We thought this would be a perfect time to highlight some of our higher education customers that have made a huge difference in their institutions by utilizing data to transform their operations. Just like a star student, these schools stand out from the rest because they studied hard, figured out where their data challenges exist and implemented solutions that pave the way for a much more productive future. 

Central Washington University

Central Washington University (CWU) boasts 11,000 students and hundreds of faculty and staff, but its reporting was a slow, laborious, and paper-intensive process. Some queries took 20 minutes or longer to execute, which impacted the performance of the ERP system and sometimes caused it to crash.

With huge volumes of internal reporting and the need to meet state and federal compliance requirements, CWU implemented the WebFOCUS BI platform to create an analytics and reporting system that could provide a historical perspective, allow for trend analysis, and enable self-service BI.

Today, the self-service BI environment on campus is open to all faculty and staff and includes 18 WebFOCUS dashboards and four WebFOCUS Active Technology reports. The platform allows users to examine, understand and interact with data from admissions, course enrollment, student retention, academic programs, graduation statistics, finance and HR.

Texas Consumer Resource for Education and Workforce Statistics

At the Texas Consumer Resource for Education and Workforce Statistics (Texas CREWS) the team is busy making sure students are equipped with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about which of Texas’ public post-secondary institutions and programs they’d like to attend. Using Information Builders’ WebFOCUS, Texas CREWS created a series of dashboards, portals and reports that allow internal and external users to instantly access and review key details around student and institutional performance.

With a few clicks, prospective students can filter the state’s public institutions based on their intended major, desired occupation, or length of study to see key statistics such as each institution’s average loan amount and wages after graduation. Armed with these vital statistics via the self-service portal, students and parents can determine which institutions will yield the best return on educational investment.

University of Massachusetts Boston           

The University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston) is an urban public research university and the third-largest campus in the five-campus University of Massachusetts system. It serves more than 16,000 undergraduate and graduate students in 11 colleges, combining a small-college experience with the vast resources of a major research institution.

The institution expanded offerings, facilities and infrastructure rapidly during the past 25 years, which created operational challenges such as delays in meeting service requests for repairs, maintenance and emergency issues. UMass Boston turned to iWay integration technology to automate its facilities’ management process, transforming it from a manual ticket request system into one that automates workflow processes and integrates data seamlessly.

Today, UMass Boston’s facilities management processes are running smoothly, and clients requesting service receive timely responses to their needs. The facilities staff receives requests immediately without any lag. iWay handles the initial communications, the return communication when a facilities staff member accepts the request, and the communication when there’s an update or the work order is closed or reopened.

Congrats to these education superstars and their BI and analytics projects that are making another back to school transition easier for students, staff, faculty and employees. For further information on customer successes in the educational sphere, read on.