Don’t Take Our Word For It: Fighting Cancer with Data Management

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 By | August 26, 2015
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August 26, 2015

With WebFOCUS, Fred Hutchinson can monitor budgets and maximize grants with visual and interactive financial metrics.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is a worldwide leader in cancer research, treatment and protection. Based in Seattle, Washington, the company is dedicated to preventing cancer and infectious diseases throughout the world and is currently expanding into sites in Africa and China to further that cause.

In conjunction with this expansion, Fred Hutchinson recognized the need for a new reporting system. The biggest business challenge the provider faced was that its users were spending too much time entering data, and not enough time actually analyzing the data. This meant that valuable time was lost to mundane data entry and working around the system, which negatively impacted productivity.

To fix this problem, Fred Hutchinson began working with Information Builders’ WebFOCUS platform, which allows its users to spend more time analyzing their data and less time fighting with it. The company chose Information Builders for our broad stack of tools and for our “partner-like” approach. But don’t take our word for it! Check out the video above to hear Stephanie Dennon, BI program lead at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, speak about how Information Builders has helped her company better manage its data and improve productivity in the fight against cancer.

We are honored that Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is part of our “I Know” customer success series. To hear more on their story and others’ stories, please read on.