Don’t Take Our Word For It: How We Helped Southwest Business Services Unify its Reporting Environment to Enable Self-Service BI

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 By | January 06, 2014
January 06, 2014

One need look no further than the program agenda for this month’s NRF Annual Convention & Expo to see the increasingly vital role real-time information is playing in the retail sector. We’ll be at the event and are looking forward to networking with our customers and partners, and hearing more about how technology is fueling next-generation retail strategies.

As part of our countdown to the show, we’re kicking off the first post of the year in our “Don’t Take Our Word For It” series looking at how we helped retailer OFS Brands arm the entire organization with better access to information. As Tim Hopper, the company’s strategic applications manager, states in the video, OFS Brands came to Information Builders looking to develop a true BI strategy. Prior to working with us, the company was relying on one single developer to generate reports for every function in the company. Not only was this model unsustainable, it also prevented employees from utilizing BI and analytics on a daily basis.

OFS Brands evaluated a number of BI vendors to address these issues, and ultimately selected Information Builders and one other company to demo our solutions to its entire end-user base. To quote Tim, OFS Brands’ employees favored us “overwhelmingly.” In addition to enabling more timely access to information and eliminating the burden on IT, Tim is utilizing our technology to give the sales team mobile BI capabilities.

Check out the video above to hear more about the benefits OFS Brands has realized as a result of its BI investment, and you can see more in our blog series here.

If you’ll be at NRF, make sure you swing by our booth 2444 to chat with our team and qualify for some great prizes!