Don’t Take Our Word For It: How We’re Helping the ASPCA Make a Difference

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 By | December 18, 2013
December 18, 2013

We've written quite a bit about the numerous benefits of real-time access to information and Harold Trammel, VP of Application and Data Services at the ASPCA, is no stranger to this concept. As he states in the video the ASPCA's challenge was that, in order to have an accurate view of its data, the organization needed to overcome a number of issues first.

Chief among these was the ASPCA's sheer number of data sources. As Harold tells it, the organization’s multiple data sources made it difficult to measure performance and track how it was using donations to make a difference. To address this issue, Harold and his team needed a provider that could deliver a mixture of data management, data quality and traditional BI functionality.

Information Builders provided these capabilities and more, enabling the ASPCA to integrate all of its data sources and easily report on them. With our tools, Harold and his team are confident that they can address any information management need regardless of where they are in the process—be it data integration, master data management, data discovery or reporting.

While Harold is enthusiastic about these benefits what he values most about Information Builders is our focus on the relationship. He emphasizes that, starting with the initial sales call and carrying through to today, every interaction with Information Builders has centered on how we can best enable his success. Click on the link above to hear more about Harold’s experiences, and check out some of our other recent customer successes.