Don’t Take Our Word For It: How We Helped Neways Have an Information Epiphany

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 By | December 10, 2013
December 10, 2013

We’ve kicked off a blog series celebrating the successes our customers have experienced as a result of better access to information—if you haven’t seen them yet, take a look at our previous posts here.

In this latest installment of “Don’t Take Our Word For It,” we’re looking at how Neways Enterprises, a manufacturer of personal care, household, and nutritional products, enhanced its BI environment to enable self-sufficiency across departments and geographies.

As the company’s CIO, Kevin Givan, states in the video, Neways had a number of data challenges it needed to fix in order to drive better decision-making. Chief among these issues was unifying data from a variety of different sources into a centralized dashboard, and also ensuring that employees had access to this information in real-time. The company had been relying on reports it compiled at the end of every month, at which point much of the information was too old to truly be informative.

Working with Information Builders, Neways addressed these challenges while also eliminating any burden on IT. Business analysts can now easily produce reports without IT’s assistance and share the resulting data not only with all internal stakeholders, but with key external groups as well. To quote Kevin, it was this ability to extend information access externally that served as Neways’ information “epiphany,” and a key reason the company is so pleased with its enhanced information management strategy.

Take a look at the video for additional details on Neways’ story, and check back next week for another “Don’t Take Our Word For It” post!