Ventana Research 2014 Value Index for Mobile Business Intelligence

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 By | February 10, 2014
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February 10, 2014

The newly published Value Index for Mobile BI by Ventana Research

I'm pretty much always happy to see another analyst report come out, because we're pretty much always in a great position. 
That's true with the Ventana Research 2014 Value Index for Mobile Business Intelligence, too. [Note that this report is currently unavailable for download while it’s being updated for 2016.]
We're in the top third of vendors reviewed, with an overall rating of 91%. We're rated Hot in all seven categories. We're in the top three for Adaptability and TCO, and our highest single score is in reliability.
Ventana says that when we developed our mobile capabilities using a hybrid approach and HTML5, it was “a smart move”. I have to tell you, it's nice to get recognition for that, because we took some heat for it back when everyone wanted native apps. But we have a lot of experience supporting multiple platforms in the enterprise, and knew it was the right way to go. Remember "client/server," the rise of the PC, and how happy everyone was to go to browser-based applications? There are a lot of similarities with mobile computing, and our experience got us to productivity faster than any other vendor.
Better still, our approach gets mobile and desktop deployments started fast. You can build focused, easy, interactive BI apps – InfoApps – and “just turn it on” to get mobile BI. (See the video below.) We even let you develop mobile InfoApps first, and then assemble these same InfoApps onto dashboards in our BI Portal – a real differentiating feature for us. You can read about that capability in more depth in our white paper, "Don’t Build Dashboards – Assemble Them With a BI Portal and InfoApps."

Tony Cosentino, vice president and research director of Business Analytics for Ventana Research. “Coupled with its Active Technologies and MobileFaves, Information Builders delivers leading-edge capabilities across multiple devices needed by today’s mobile workforce.”
And remember, this is a mobile BI report. On its own, this research shows that we're a great vendor to work with if mobile BI is your top priority. When you add in all the other good stuff we do -- our "3i" platform of Business Intelligence, Integration, and Data Integrity -- you've got a technological platform that's second to none. Add in the award-winning customer service that we're so proud of, and you've got a business partner you can count on.
We're happy to be a part of this research, and encourage you to download it. Let us know what you think about it, about us, about the rankings -- whatever you like -- in the comments here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.