Information Builders Announces Omni-Gen, an MDM and Enterprise Information Management Revolution

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 By | November 17, 2015
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November 17, 2015

Omni-Gen™ cuts time-to-value of master data management (MDM) projects by two-thirds.

It’s an exciting day here at Information Builders! Today marks the release of Omni-Gen, the newest addition to our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) arsenal. When we first announced that it was coming, in March, Omni-Gen was a solution specific to Master Data Management (MDM), so let’s start there.

Organizations use MDM tools to help make sense of massive volumes of fragmented, unsynchronized data across numerous systems and applications. When done well, these projects produce complete, accurate data sets – an enormous value for any company battling today’s data deluge. MDM projects are notoriously difficult, however, and many companies have avoided them because of the perceived time and resource investment.

Enter Omni-Gen. Its business-level, model-driven, iterative approach has the power to cut time-to-value of master data management projects by up to two thirds – and makes MDM a possibility for organizations that couldn’t previously afford it.

Omni-Gen enables businesspeople and developers to work together both efficiently and iteratively to define and deploy models and cleansing plans. The result is improved communication and project outcomes, in a fraction of the time and with reduced complexity and cost.

Omni-Gen’s main value is the collaboration it supports between business and IT, two departments that have historically struggled with communication issues. It taps into employees’ knowledge of key data domains and supports an iterative, agile process that continually refines the records they need. As they define master records, data quality requirements, and remediation rules, Omni-Gen generates the data mastering processes needed – instead of requiring define-specify-code-test cycles that usually consume so much time.

Omni-Gen also offers the complete integration, data quality, remediation, mastering and other technologies needed to maintain an application, which decreases the number of tools, skills and vendors needed for these initiatives and ultimately breaks down barriers that have traditionally stood in the way of MDM endeavors.

In fact, since it includes all of these technologies, it’s possible to use Omni-Gen for other tasks, such as data warehouse development and building data quality firewalls. For this reason, we’ve created three editions: Omni-Gen Integration Edition, Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition, and Omni-Gen Master Data Management Edition. You can learn more about these details in the fact sheet.

Omni-Gen makes MDM, data warehousing, data quality, and other EIM projects more accessible and manageable, bringing the benefit of data mastering to a much broader range of companies. Information Builders believes that no company should miss out on the the benefits of MDM, which is why we’re so pleased to be making the process more accessible and less daunting. And as we all know, clean, accurate data is the basis of informed business decisions and ultimately, positive growth and progress.

For more info, I  encourage you to sign up for my December 1st webcast: A Business-First Approach to Master Data Management. I'm looking forward to showing why this marks a real departure from the ways of MDM past.