The New Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality

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 By | November 24, 2015
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November 24, 2015

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools 2015

Just last week, I posted about Omni-Gen, our brand-new approach to data integration, data quality, and master data management (MDM).
This week, Gartner announced that we're a leader in the data quality market. If you're considering products from Informatica, IBM, SAP, Trillium, or others, we're in the same class, and well worth a look.
And maybe you should be looking for alternatives. After all, as Gartner says, "The main factor fueling this increased activity [by smaller vendors like us] is customers' dissatisfaction with larger companies' typically high and less flexible pricing models, less attentive customer support and service, and longer deployment times."
So, why consider us?
  • Cost: According to the report, "Customers report that the iWay Data Quality Suite is competitively priced and that the value they derive from its tools is high, relative to their cost."
  • Customer experience: Gartner tells us that "Customers of Information Builders indicate that they are very satisfied with both its data quality products and their engagement with the company."
  • Capability: The report says, "Robust functionality supporting multiple domains and use cases: The breadth and robustness of Information Builders' data quality capabilities are well-rated by its customers. Deployments indicate a diversity of usage scenarios and data domains, such as customer, product and location data."
But there's more. The Magic Quadrant was based on our iWay Data Quality Suite (along with our overall company strategy); since the cutoff date, however, the Omni-Gen platform has radically improved how we can use those iWay components.
First, a little clarification: We're still providing the technologies in the iWay data integration, data quality, and master data management suites. But those suites were just that -- suites of tools or components -- and Omni-Gen assembles these iWay components into a single, coherent platform. It also adds capabilities for model-driven, agile development, enabling businesspeople and IT to collaborate more effectively in an iterative design process.
In other words, Omni-Gen takes the same capabilities for which Gartner named us a leader, and delivers faster deployments at lower cost and with less risk.
And that's really important. If you read the market section of the Gartner Magic Quadrant report, it's clear that companies need solutions that adapt quickly under uncertain conditions.
CIOs, chief data officers (CDOs) and information leaders often have only a partial understanding of what is required to achieve their strategic objectives, which are typically revenue growth, operational cost reduction, adherence to regulations, and improved customer experience and retention.
Since they're not sure what it will take to hit their business goals, they often have to make do with partial information from the business side. Once some work has been done on the deployment, new information comes to light, and they have to modify what they've done to adapt. That's hard if you have a lot of specifications floating around in spreadsheets and a lot of programmers manually coding large swaths of the solution. It's a lot easier if you can change your model, regenerate your data quality engine's rules (or your data warehouse, or MDM application), and just do some mapping.
To understand how that all comes together, you might want to check out our white paper about Omni-Gen.
By the way, this is all true for smaller organizations, too, which are showing a new interest in data quality.
We continue to see high demand for data quality tools, including from midsize organizations (which traditionally tended not to buy them). This demand is driven partly by activities in the fields of BI and analytics (analytical scenarios), MDM (operational scenarios) and digital business.
Since Omni-Gen assembles these iWay technologies into a platform that reduces cost, risk, and time to value, smaller organizations can achieve data quality improvements in ways that they never could before.
Finally, note that "[t]he usage scenarios identified as most important by this year's reference customers are ongoing operation of business applications, MDM, and BI and analytics." We happen to be experts at those things, too.