Notes from Howard Dresner's Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Study 2014

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 By | June 03, 2014
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June 03, 2014

Howard Dresner

It's great to be part of a winning team.

First and foremost, I want to remind readers that the team is the combination of us and our customers. The accolades we win come from our efforts with them.

The accolades in this case come from Howard Dresner, former Gartner analyst and popularizer of the term "Business Intelligence". His Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study 2014 is his flagship product, using thirty-three criteria and surveying almost 1,300 people. 

In this study, he is "looking first hand at the experience of IT and business users as well as industry implementation consultants," was just published. Here's my favorite bit:

A member of the “Large Established Pure-Play” market segment, Information Builders leads the segment for a fifth year in a row. It scores above peer and overall averages and is best in class for most measures.

There's a lot of other information to be had in this survey.

For instance, I find it interesting that "more than one-third of organizations report fewer than 10 percent of employees using BI," and "though this appears to present a growth opportunity..., 2014 numbers are almost identical to rates of penetration in 2013." 

I suggest that this is in part because most people are going about business intelligence by offering tools to non-technical users. We believe that the best approach for maximum adoption is the use of InfoApps. (Here's a white paper on that topic.) The study shows that people are planning to deploy BI more widely -- as they were last year, though they "fell short" of their ambitions -- and InfoApps could help immensely.

Also, though people in the industry tend to talk a lot about the shake-up in the BI and analytics industry, there are a lot of things remaining the same. Number one technology initiative strategic to business intelligence? Dashboards, by a large factor. 

Advanced visualization is important, but comes in fourth, after dashboards, end-user "self-service" (for which, again, InfoApps are often the right approach), and data warehousing. Integration with operational processes (something we know a bit about) comes next, right above data discoveryembedded BI, mobile device support (we think you should build for mobile first, by the way), and "data mining, advanced algorithms, predictive."

Taken together, that indicates to me that much of what's going on in BI is related to adoption, not new technologies per se. Not that I will understate the changes that are going on, but neither do I want to be lured into thinking that change is the only important thing going on.

There's a lot more to read. Download it, read it, and let us know what you think about Dresner's results, either here or on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.