Are You One of the Wise People in the Crowd?

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 By | March 12, 2014
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March 12, 2014

This "spider chart" for Information Builders from the 2013 version shows how we compare to the rest of the industry across many different data points. (We exceed the industry average in all of them.) It's one of many valuable graphs used within the report.

If you are, you'll want to take Howard Dresner's "Wisdom of Crowds" survey. It's only about 15-30 minutes to complete, and for your trouble you'll receive a free copy of the findings.

It's a valuable report, too, which makes the time you spend worth it. Howard Dresner, the former Gartner analyst who popularized the term "Business Intelligence," created this annual survey to be a comprehensive and detailed overview of the business intelligence marketplace: what kinds of companies are investing in which kinds of business intelligence technology, what they're using them for, and what benefits they're getting. It also reviews vendors across a wide range of capabilities. Here is the 2013 edition.

As an aside, we're proud of our position in the survey -- especially the perfect score for recommendations. Every single person who uses our software said they would recommend us to their colleagues. That speaks volumes about our capabilities, our customer focus, and our ethics.

Every year, as the market develops, Howard adds more information to the survey. This year, he'll be doing special breakdowns on a variety of topics, including Location Intelligence, Predictive/Advanced Analytics, and issues specific to an industry, like Healthcare.

Here's the link to the survey again, and don't delay -- it will only be open until 5 PM Eastern on Friday, March 28. Click away!