Visualize Responsibly: Visualization, Data Discovery, and BI Platforms

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 By | January 17, 2014
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January 17, 2014
G.K. Chesterton, with his gift for the paradoxical, once said, "If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly."
The trick of the paradox is this: Of course you want to do things well, but in order to do them well, you often have to start by doing them badly, and then get better. When children start to move on two feet, they spend a lot of time falling on their diapers; they don't start by dancing ballet.
The business intelligence and analytics marketplace can be like that sometimes. We get a rash of new companies providing new technologies to do something cool -- and then start running into limitations, to the point where we have to back up and figure out what we really ought to be doing.
The latest in that vein? Visualization and data discovery.
You can do cool things with visualization tools, and you're right to experiment with them -- using them in a standalone way is "doing it badly." In the long run, though, visualization isn't something that one should do without thinking about how it fits into your information strategy as a whole. It shouldn't be a standalone operation -- that way lies the madness of Excel Hell, albeit with prettier graphics.
That's why we're launching a new brick-and-mortar seminar series, "Visualize Responsibly," to talk about the best ways to incorporate visualization tools and techniques into your information strategy. We already have a ton of them lined up for February and March, and there'll be more coming all the way through mid-year. Get more detail and find a location near you -- and do it soon, because these events fill up pretty quickly. And once you've attended, let us know what you thought on Twitter or Facebook.
Happy visualizing!