Busting the BI Myths

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 By | October 14, 2015
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October 14, 2015

Common BI Myths: Busted.
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A very interesting article in Information Age highlights the most common myths surrounding business intelligence (BI) today. The first myth focuses on the complexity of BI. "Traditionally, BI has been seen as a highly complicated process - from implementation and pricing through to conducting the analysis itself. As a result, it has been viewed as the domain and responsibility of highly qualified IT specialists within the enterprise," author Ben Rossi claims.

The false assumption that BI is only for analysts, power users, and IT staff prevents many organizations from reaping its benefits. The truth is, some solutions are extremely simple and easy to use, so BI is readily available to those lacking technical savvy, like operational workers.  By making it easier to access and interact with enterprise data, these solutions open up new insights to more people than ever before. Business users, even customers and partners, have broader and better information at their disposal, to facilitate effective decision making.

North American Lighting is a perfect example of how a company can thrive when everyone takes advantage of BI. Through intuitive dashboards and InfoApps, all stakeholders - from the management team to workers on the plant floor - are empowered with a real-time view of HR, accounting, warehouse management, plant activities, and other operations. The results are impressive - faster planning of production schedules, more efficient order fulfillment, and more accurate customer shipments.

You can learn more about promoting BI for all users in our new white paper "Reinventing Self-Service for Wide-Scale Adoption of Analytics".