WebFOCUS Express: Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics for SMBs

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 By | October 02, 2015
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October 02, 2015

The eyes are sometimes bigger than the stomach.

Have your eyes ever been bigger than your stomach -- you really wanted something, but it was really too much for you?

It happens to small and midsized businesses (SMBs) all the time. They know what they need, and it looks an awful lot like what larger enterprises have: easy dashboards, reporting, and analytics, with robust security and simple distribution.

Trying to get it, though, can be a problem. With their smaller IT staffs, they're left with unsatisfying, one-trick-pony data discovery tools or big bills for consultants to do projects with expensive BI platforms.

It's the Goldilocks problem. You can find products that will hit the wall because they're too small, and those that would do everything but are too big to manage, but it's hard to find the technology that's just right.

That's no doubt why, according to the Information Optimization Benchmark from Ventana Research, only a fifth of SMBs “are satisfied with the software and technology they are currently using to provide information.”

And that's also why we created WebFOCUS Express, which we're now offering through Arrow Electronics' Enterprise Computing Solutions business. It's an easy-to-use self-service dashboarding and reporting product that's just right for SMBs.

Companies without significant IT resources can download and install it in 20 minutes, and have information available for users within an hour. It's also a great way to deliver information to mobile devices of all types.

No SQL, no programming. Just lots of insights. It's a big deal for not-so-big companies.

And if you have real growth ambitions, you've got the full power of the full WebFOCUS platform to grow into -- for things like customer-facing information applications, InfoApps, and predictive analytics.

So if you want reporting and analytics like the big companies, but you're afraid you might be biting off more than you can chew, consider WebFOCUS Express. Not too big, not too small: Just right.