The Sixth Day of Jargon: Cloud Computing

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 By | December 18, 2012
in Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing
December 18, 2012

With your head in the clouds, you need a warm fire and a nice scarf. Unfortunately, I only get a video of a fire, and... well, you can see the scarf for yourself.

Our Twelve Days of Jargon continue with day six: Cloud Computing.
Santa's job is making and deploying toys, not applications. So, like many enterprises, he needs to get more productivity out of a smallish staff. (And before I get nasty letters about “smallish staff”: I only mean that they're few in number.)
Cloud computing seemed like an easy solution. And it was. Cloud-based applications only require a browser for users to access their full range of functionality. Santa was able to start managing expenses, for example, without installing any new hardware or software at the North Pole.
Cloud-based applications have their limitations, too, however, and need to be integrated with other applications. Not only that, they need to incorporate cloud-based information streams. After all, do you think Santa wants to keep his own database of weather conditions or the locations of surface-to-air missiles?
Cut to video: